March 22, 2002

Head Start Recruitment for Fall 2002

Neighborhood House Association - Head Start and Early Head Start is recruiting low-income families and foster parents with children 6 weeks to 5 years old that can benefit from comprehensive early childhood services in Fall 2002

What Is Head Start?

Head Start is the most successful federally funded program for children and their families ever created. Over the years, this program has touched the lives of tens of thousands of pre-school children and their families in San Diego County. Head Start is a family program that provides support services for parents and pre-school services for their children. It offers day, evening and some Saturday sessions. Head Start gives low-income children, children with special-needs and foster children a chance to develop school readiness skills and supports good health by providing educational, social, medical and nutritional services. The focus of the program is on the development of the child with special attention paid to each individual's strengths and needs. The special-needs children receive individual attention and are fully included in regular pre-school programming. After completing the Head Start program, children are excited about learning and prepared for Kindergarten. Head Start promotes parents as the primary educators of their children. Parents are encouraged to become volunteers and to have an active voice in setting the goals and direction of the program.

Goal-Driven Service Delivery System

Neighborhood House - Head Start has developed a "Goal-Driven Service Delivery System" that works to identify and prioritize the child's and family's goals, establish a family partnership agreement, provide any needed support services, tracks the family progress and recognizes and celebrates with the family when they achieve their goals.

Head Start offers support for parents in child rearing, education and creating the opportunity for family self-sufficiency. Parents are encouraged to enhance their education and they are offered employment training and tutoring.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Head Start also helps families by providing assistance with other family problems such as drug or alcohol abuse, job loss or lack of housing. Head Start forms partnerships with other organizations and agencies in the County to help meet each family's needs.

If you have questions or if you would like additional information on recruitment for Fall Semester 2002 please call (888) 873-5145.

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