March 22, 2002

Chevy, GMAC, and San Diego Schools Unite to Curb Violence

Chevrolet and GMAC Financial Services teamed with 12 San Diego-area schools today in an effort to curb student violence. This union also marks the local acceleration of a Chevrolet program known as "Chevy R.O.C.K" — a national initiative dedicated to young people. ROCK stands for Reaching Out to Communities and Kids.

Tierra Hutt, a student at Knox Elementary in San Diego, tells other students how her school will utilize the funds donated by Chevy ROCK and GMAC for anti-violence initiatives.

GMAC, through the Chevy ROCK program, is donating $80,000 to the National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE). Twelve San Diego schools with established SAVE chapters will receive a portion of the $80,000 for non-violence initiatives. The remaining funds will be donated to other schools in Detroit, San Antonio, Orlando and Tampa.

"Charles `Boss' Kettering once said that he believed the greatest education in the world is the education that helps one do the right things when they need to be done," said Chevrolet general manager Kurt Ritter. I believe organizations like ROCK and SAVE help young people do the right things at the right time, and safe schools are the best learning grounds for those ideals."

The following 12 San Diego-area schools will each receive a $500 grant from GMAC and Chevy ROCK to fund non-violence educational initiatives. Each school will also become eligible for an additional $500 from GMAC's donation to attend the annual SAVE Summit this April in Raleigh, North Carolina:

Schools receiving funds:

1. Meadowbrook Middle School

2. Sherman Elementary School

3. Poway High School

4. Westwood Elementary School

5. Memorial Academy

6. Thirty First Street Seventh-Day Adventist Church

7. Knox Elementary School

8. Mesa Verde Middle School 9. Rolling Hills Elementary School

10. Black Mountain Middle School

11. Poway Unified School District

12. Bernardo Heights Mid-dle School

"Thanks to GMAC's generous donation, students are becoming pillars of their schools and communities. Many people view students as the problem, but Chevy and GMAC view students as a big part of the solution to safety and violence issues," said Dr. Pamela Riley, executive director of SAVE.

Kurt Ritter established the Chevy ROCK initiative in September 2000. ROCK is Chevrolet's philanthropic initiative dedicated to helping young people develop critical life skills and education needed to live positive and productive lives. ROCK's top priority is to help foster safe educational environments and communities, which ultimately will help youth reach their full potential.

A significant quantity of Chevy ROCK funds sponsor SAVE, a national, school-based nonprofit organization created by students for students that promotes the virtues of peace, civility and nonviolence by helping students of all ages learn how to care for other people ( Today, there are more than 850 registered SAVE chapters with over 88,000 members in 35 states and Canada. SAVE's mission is to promote safe schools and communities by educating students about the effects and consequences of violence, and to engage students in safe extracurricular activities.

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