March 21, 2003

Guerra, ¿SI o NO? By the time you read estas notitas tanks may be thundering across the desert towards Baghdad! Sometimes I feel like the Lone Ranger. Surfed the Web looking for Hispanic/Latino/Mexican/Chicano newspapers of general circulation searching for a sense of what their Editorial Opinions were on the looming war between Iraq and the USA. Pos ni modo! There was none. They have no opinion! Hijole, directors de La Prensa Latina... Our people could stand to receive information on other things besides what’s happening to the movie stars and the futbol players! La Prensa San Diego appears to be the only Mexican American newspaper that DARES TO EXPRESS AN OPINION on the upcoming war!


Freedom of the Press: The right to print any and all the news, including opinions, without worrying about being shot by the Federales for thinking and having a different opinion than the government line!

The Peoples Rights: You can choose what to read, listen, or listen to. You have the right to not believe what you read, listen or hear! Pero, certain groups of people are known by what they read.


People who think they run the country read The Washington Post.

The New York Times is read by people who think they ought to run the country.

People who think they run the State read the Sacramento Bee.

The Los Angeles Times is read by people who think they ought to run the State.

People who think they run the County/City of San Diego read the Union Tribune.

La Prensa San Diego is read by people who think they could do a better job of running the City and County.

People who think they are running another country read the Miami Herald.

The Cuban GRANMA is read by those who know who is running Cuba.

De Aquí y Allá (chismes)

San Ysidro’s new school Superintendent Jorge Luis Parra was feted at La Mirada School (K-5) this past Tuesday (Mar. 18). The Association of Parents and the staff of La Mirada sponsored the event. The new Super. spoke on his plans to help the children prepare for University level studies. There were eyebrows raised by some of the parents at Mr. Parra being listed in the flyer as Doctor Jorge Luis Parra, implying that he was awarded a Doctorial Degree at some University. Is this flying under false colors or just a mistake on the part of the sponsors of the event? The community doesn’t know Mr. Parra was hired without any knowledge of the community, or for that fact, some members of the Board of Trustees. Perhaps Yolanda Hernandez, the Chairwoman of the Board can clarify just what Degrees Mr. Parra has, in a much as she was pivotal in his hiring.

Local Sydro Wags think having received a JDS from a law school is proof of having earned a Doctorate. Only passing the Bar Exam makes you a bonafide lawyer. We can’t seem to find Parra listed as having passed the Bar Exam in California. Being a lawyer doesn’t authorize you to call yourself a Doctor!

Other angry partisans of the Sydro School District believe you have to have a PhD (Doctorate) in order to be a Superintendent. Not true, Alan Bersin Superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District doesn’t have one nor did he ever take any courses in education. He is a Lawyer. Matter of fact, the Education Code doesn’t even say you have to have a Degree!

The long term Director of Planning and Overseer, who keeps track of how Bond Monies are spent has left the San Ysidro School District on a long extended leave of absences. Insiders claim he is not coming back. Pregunta Mr. Parra, who is going to fill this very critical position?

When it rains it pours. The Finance Director/Superintendent left on an extended leave of absence. Pregunta, who is keeping tabs on where the money goes? Mr. Parra and the Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees, Yolanda Hernandez have their hands full, don’t they?

The San Ysidro School District has decided to go on a hiring binge. Because of the anticipated shortfalls in State funding, most other school districts are cutting back on hiring. They are all busy handing out pink slips! Not Sydro. Is there an expected large growth in student enrollment? Are new schools being built? What’s going on? Family members need Jobs?

PREGUNTA: Memo to the EHICS COMMITTEE isn’t it unethical for District 8 Councilman Ralph Inzunza to be voting on issues that impact the financial interests of his brother (Nick Inzunza the Mayor of National City), sisters and parents?

PREGUNTA: Is there an ETHICS COMMITTEE in the City of National City? Someone needs to take a look at self-identified millionaire Mayor Nick Inzunza and his programs and votes. Now that he has a private Public Relations firm churning out self-serving press releases, one has to wonder is he paying for that? Is that why he immediately raised his pay so that in fact the City is paying for someone to promote his image? Yaw, sure, you are the Mexican Kennedy family “WHAT A JOKE’!

Adios... Tezzy

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