March 21, 2003

Sparx returns with more romantic music

By: Pablo De Sainz

In 1982 there was a children’s talent contest in Mexico where boys and girls of all ages could show off their different forms of making music. The show was called “Juguemos a cantar” and was broadcasted and organized by Televisa, the world’s largest Spanish-language television network.

That time, the winners were a group of sisters, all of the teenagers, with the song “Vamos a jugar.”

Years later, during the grupero movement of the mid-90s that took place in California, those same sisters (Kristyna, Rosamaria, Veronica and Carolina) became popular as Sparx among radio fans in the Southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico.

The Sparx’s: Veronica, Kristyna, Carolina, and Rosamaria.

Today, the winning sisters from “Juguemos a cantar” record another album and present their new production titled, “Lo dice mi corazon” (Fonovisa, 2003), a set of songs where the voices of Kristyna, Rosamaria, Veronica and Carolina, become one.

The 11 tracks in the album have a fresh touch, reached through the combination of the four voices with different musical genres and sounds. According to the press release, Sparx is known for its dynamic nature:

“Their immediate environment was filing up with colors and music, music without a last name nor a specific genre. The young stuff in pop. The tradition of Mexican music. The dance energy. With mariachi. With an orchestra. Or as a romantic group. The important thing was that they were together and nothing could interfere between them and their dreams.”

The new album, “Lo dice mi corazon,” is truly a proof of the talent of the Sanchez Pohl sisters, who formed Sparx more than 20 years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

From grupero to bolero, and from mariachi to cumbia, the sound Sparx offers in this new material is unique at this moment among the few bands made up entirely of female members in Mexican music.

The first song is “Dimelo todo,” where a woman makes a series of question for her ex-lover and asks him to compare her to his new lover. Another song, titled “Amame (mi gran amor)”, narrates a love story in simple language: “Amame como te amo, quiereme como te quiero.”

The cumbias are present in this album with songs like “Si por mi fuera,” where the classic story of a forgotten heart is told. Another cumbia is “Para que”, which is also included in a pop version.

Some of the other songs in “Lo dice mi corazon” are “Solo el es mi felicidad,” “Si tu me amaras,” and “Ven” (“Ven y acercate, quiero estar contigo, me muero por estar a tu lado, apaga este fuego que arde.”), all of them with a romantic touch, but full of rythm.

“Lo dice mi corazon” continues the success Sparx has had with other albums, such as “Cantan corridos” (1996), “Tiene que ser amor” (1997), “No hay otro amor” (2000), and “Con mariachi Vol. 2” (2001).

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