March 21, 2003


The Time Has Come For Unity As A Nation!

The time for talking, protesting, and arguing is over. The Democratic process allows for disagreements, discussions, and voting whenever policy issues are before the electorate of this country. This process, in the formation of public policy on Iraq, has had its time. The President of the United States, with the support of the majority of our elected representatives in the Congress, has announced what the policy on Iraq is. Our armed forces have been deployed and even now wait to carry out the orders of the Commander in Chief of America’s armed forces.

La Prensa San Diego has been a lively participant in the past months in the debate on whether it was appropriate to engage in warfare against Iraq. Our editorial pages carried cogent editorial statements that argued against moving against Iraq with a military response. It was our opinion that the political process should be allowed to go forward seeking a peaceful resolution to the situation. The nation was split on that crucial pivotal point. A decision had to be made by our President and the Congress.

The elected political leadership of our nation made the bold decision to seek a solution through the use of armed might. This decision was a signal that the use of political diplomacy had failed. For the President and the Congress, it was a painful admission to make. It was a tacit admission that we had failed to resolve our problems with Iraq within the parameters of diplomacy. Politics had failed. As Mao Tse-Tung stated in his struggle to turn China into a Communist State... “Power comes at the end of a gun barrel”! We now send a similar message to Iraq!

For those who are unable to come to terms with the political process that has led us to this point there is the possibility of removing those elected officials, who you disagreed with, by not reelecting them to public office. There is also the right, under our Constitution, to seek to impeach them and remove them from office.

To carry out further protests, at this time, will only give aid to the enemy and place our armed forces in harms way. They are the only ones who had no choice in this matter. They cannot participate in the decision making while serving as members of the Armed forces. They can only stand and defend their country “right or wrong.”

The time has come to set aside our internal disagreements and move towards resolving the Iraq question expeditiously with the least cost in human lives on both sides. Our Armed forces deserve the utmost support from their country. Let us not commit the same mistakes as we did during the war in Viet Nam. Our Veterans are still suffering the psychological wounds that were inflicted upon them by their own countrymen.

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