March 21, 2003

Me enamoré de un angel:

Guardianes del Amor present its new album

By: Pablo De Sainz

During the grupero movement that took place on radio in the Southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico during the 90s, Guardianes del Amor was famous thanks to its hit “Cuatro palabras” and to Arturo Rodriguez, the groups singer and accordion player.

“Cuatro palabras” became a hit because it had a great accordion rhythm. Rodriguez was popular due to his particular way of laughing and to his, well, great body proportions.

Guardianes del Amor is a band that has become known for its romantic ballads, where tha accordion takes a softer rhythm than those from other norteño groups. This special sound has made the band to be noticed among all the gruperos.

“When they listen to us on radio people know it’s us,” said the members of the band formed 10 years ago in Mexico City. Maybe that particular touch is found on the accordion or in Rodriguez’s voice or the harmony that exists among the instruments.

“We don’t know exactly,” said Guardianes del Amor. “But playing together we get that sound as if using a formula.”

With formula or without, that special sound is heard again in “Me enamore de un angel” (Fonovisa, 2002), Guardianes del Amor’s new production.

The 15 tracks presented in this album are full of romanticism, to the group’s style. “Me enamore de un angel,” in addition to being the album’s title, is also the title of one of the songs: “El sol es su sonrisa y lanza cuando mira diez mil rayos de luz; se que le dicen ternura, pero a mi me dijo que se llama amor.” What can be more romantic than that?

The album has variety, and includes the following songs: “Como yo te amo,” “Te he querido olvidar,” “Dimelo,” “Para que baile mi pueblo,” “El resto de mi vida,” “Dejamos morir el amor,” “Quien va a decir adios,” “No le digas,” “Globo sin gas,” “La noche no basta,” and “Vuelvo a decir te amo.”

Something outstanding in “Me enamore de un angel” is that it includes the song “Te he querido olvidar” in three different versions: cumbia, salsa, and serenata.

The members of Guardianes del Amor are: Arturo Rodriguez, from Pacoima, California, and who’s the singer and accordionist; Daniel Poplawsky, keyboard player, from Mexico City; Oscar Cervantes, drums, from Veracruz; Pablo Calderon, guitarrist, and Ernesto Gracia, bass player, both from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

An anecdote on the press release narrates how the band got to be Guardianes del Amor: “In 1992, when they recorded their first album, they didn’t even know how they’d call themselves.

But when the release date was near, they started a name search, and each member wrote a name on a piece of paper. Among the proposed names was Guardianes del Amor.

When they read it, the knew that name fit the perfectly, because they’d already chosen the romantic style, and since then, they’ve become defenders of love.”

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