March 19, 2004

Chispas, Mayor Murphy speaks with forked tongue! All through the campaign he promises his administration will be an open administration N0 MORE SECRETE CLOSED DOOR HEARINGS with rest of the CHANGOS in the city council!!

No tiene HUEVITOS Mr. Alcalde? Judge Murphy had muchos Huevos when he sentenced Raza to prison and all his Gringo friends took walks!

Orale Aguirre... Your first case is the Mayor... If he wins reelection. Quien sabe. How cum no worthy DEMOCRAT ran for Mayor? With the PATSIES in the run off... We la GENTE (White, Black, Brown, Red, Pink or Blue) have no choice!

PREGUNTA: Have you noticed citizens having NO CHOICE in local elections are the Boy Scouts, Straights [not Gay], Taxi Cab drivers, the homeless, former Vons, Albertson’s, Ralph’s workers, and the hundreds of thousands of voters who are computer illiterate!

PREGUNTA NUMERO 2: This dummy citizen asked for a Computer “ en Español to VOTAR, they didn’t have any! Chispas is the modern way to vote, just another sneaky way to disenfranchise non-English readers?

Gente don’t believe you have a CHOICE in the elections. The majority of the Democratic and Republican candidates were blessed to win by the same Corporate Heads and their lackeys that run this country! Hint: Corporations have no allegiance to a country ONLY TO MONEY! That’s why they send all the work to 3rd world countries (cheap slave wages!) They don’t care about Americans... only the MONEY!


Las Ratas are abandoning ship. They know the politicos and burrocrats are cutting all their funding for their agencies that were suppose to help the poor. Esos vatos didn’t work to serve La Gente... only to line their pockets with dinero! Look for the so-call Liders to run for cover!

Psst Señor Alcalde de National City not to worry. La Prensa San Diego will honor its obligations to the City by paying for a license to do business in your city. Sure hope your workers are also collecting from all those street venders working the streets selling Tijuana knock-offs! Mucho dinero being made there.

PetCo Ball Park has turned the downtown streets into a parking zoo for the businesses and downtown residents! Local stores and businesses will stand to lose mucho dinero every time a game is played for the enjoyment of everyone else besides San Diegans who saw all their tax money go to build another pleasure palace for the rich outsiders who could care less about the quality our life.

Bueno, mi Gente. No se dejen... look at it this way... La Gente del Bronz were here thousands of years before los blanquitos and we shall probably be here long after they have left.(Unless they are lucky enough to marry one of our kind!)

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