March 15, 2002

APCD and State Get Out Word on Toxic Air Pollutant

A comprehensive mailing has been launched to inform all Barrio Logan residents about air samples that have revealed high hexavalent chromium levels in the area and how the problem is being addressed.

The San Diego County air Pollution Control District (APCD) and the California Air Resources Board (ARB) are distributing more than 1,000 informational brochures both in English and Spanish. In addition to the mailing, copies of the brochures will be available at local schools and libraries and on the District's Web site at

"This is the first time we've mailed information to all residents in response to an actual air quality measurement," said Richard Smith, APCD assistant director. "APCD and ARB are working together to ensure those who live and work in the area are protected."

Hexavalent chromium is a toxic air pollutant that can increase the risk of cancer even at very low levels.

Exhaustive inspections are being conducted in Barrio Logan at every business near where the high levels were measured in an effort to locate the source of the pollutant.

"Levels of hexavalent chromium this high should not continue" said Smith. "If specific businesses are identified as causing the elevated hexavalent chromium levels, APCD and ARB will take prompt action."

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