March 15, 2002

A New Collection of Poetry from Baja California Titled "Antología de jóvenes creadores"

By Pablo De Sainz

Three new voices, three strong voices, three poetic voices from Baja California: that's what a new collection of poetry, titled "Antología de jóvenes creadores" (Fondo Editorial de Baja California, 2001), offers to the reader.

The anthology is not really an anthology per se. Rather, the book includes three different books of poetry, each by a different young poet: "Oráculo del esquizoide," by Dulce Selene Garcia; "Proximo estoy a descubrir un tumor en la lengua de los hombres," by Juan Reyna; and "Sueños bajo la lengua," by Elizabeth Sobarzo Gaona.

There's diversity among the three poets styles.

All three represent different areas of the kind of poetry that is being written in the border region.

Garcia's poetry tells us about sexuaity from a woman's point of view.

Garcia divides her "Oráculo" in five sections, and each section is a constant search for a woman's self through sarcasm.

The only male in the trio of poets, Reyna is the one who experiments the most with the language and form. His "Proximo" includes free verse, poems that make interesting visuals on the page, and prose poems.

Reyna plays with the language and creates original verses that stand out from the rest of the book:

The last book in the anthology is Elizabeth Sobarzo Gaona's "Sueños bajo la lengua" a collection composed of very brief poems. Here's one of Gaona's complete poems:

"Tu silencio me ha calzado

de piedras".

Her poetry includes many images taken from nature: flowers, the sea, breese, animals.

"Este jardín de flores carnívoras

se marchitó de tanto colesterol".

This anthology is an excellent proof that Baja California has new talent to offer. These three poets, without a doubt, are part of the new generation of writers that belong to the literature of northern Mexico.

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