March 15, 2002

Governor Davis Issues Statement On Hate Letters Targeting Latinos

LOS ANGELES - Governor Gray Davis today made the following statement concerning recent hate letters, many containing a white powder, sent to dozens of Latino groups and lawyers in Sacramento, the Bay Area and Washington, D.C.:

"It is unconscionable that today there are Americans who hate Americans purely on the basis of the color of their skin, Governor Davis said.

"It is disappointing that there remains groups whose only contribution to this nation and to this State is to destroy, especially in a time when unity takes on an even more important role as we rebuild our economy while maintaining our resolve.

"I ask Californians to join me in condemning these acts of cowardice and divisiveness and send these hate-mongers a clear message: We will not tolerate your acts of hate and when we find you, you will answer to the strongest anti-hate laws in the country."

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