March 15, 2002

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Orale Gente at la Prensa!

Tezzy - what-up?

Tis with gran dismay que leo INS agents at it otra vez. Benjamin Prado, coordinator of the Raza Rights Coalition, was arrested for doing what's guaranteed us in the gran US. Kinda make us wonder if that "us" is the same all over the US. Hate to say it pero not. The funny thang is that los Men and Women in Verde seem to only get training in detecting brown faces. Seems to me that INS facilities are doing only quick-crash courses in recognition of illegal aliens with brown skinned faces only.

Orale! Maybe I should apply for one of those jobs, seems easy enough to do and seems to be an easy earned federal tax paid check in my cartera, all, it seems, you have to do is see brown Y Orale! your busted!

Kinda makes you wonder no? I mean, why don't we see more white faced europeans who overstay their visas being arrested? I guess that must be harder to detect and I guess the INS don't have the resourses they have to get brown skinned raza when it comes to white folk.

Chale con la INS ... They should at the very least show some numbers to la Raza that it ain't only Raza being deported no? That's accountability no? Dawgonnit! They ought to really!

That way we maybe can NOT feel that it is only raza being arrested and that way our gente won't feel the need to videotape them in the trolley doing what it seems an easy day's earned check by just plocking raza instead of also stopping an detaining white people, or yellow people, or black people, or orange people, heck, even GREEN people!

A fed up with the INS taxpayer demanding a little accountability

Julio Martinez

Father relates to Gypsy article

I picked up your news paper for the first time at USD, and I want to commend your writer D.L. Munoz on his article on Gypsies. I adopted my daughter from Romania 9 yrs ago, she was in a orphanage for the unsalvageable because she is a Gypsy. Your article gave an excellent history of the Gypsies and you open the door to people here in the states who have no idea about what happens to these people. When I read your article I was so excited, my daughter who is now a student (in high school) just wanted me to stop, because she is still scared about what others will think when they find out she is a Gypsy. In fact most people think she is Hispanic and she is happy with that. The irony of that is totally lost on her, she did not understand the comparison of the two groups in your article.

Again thank you very much, I will con't to read your paper.

Pat Moriarty

Thank you for your support

Thank you very much, not only for your endorsement, but for the very favorable editorial you wrote in support of my candidacy.

It was a very close primary race, reminicent of my first City Council race in 1996. I went on to win the run-off by 10 percentage points above my opponent.

With your continued support, I am optimistic about the outcome of the November 5, 2002 election and hope that history repeats itself.

Mary Salas
City of Chula Vista

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