March 14, 2003

Teen Perspective

Troubling times at the station

By Yasmin Rahman

Many people stand at the Euclid Trolley Station waiting endlessly for bus 916’s arrival. Here, intoxicating smells, together with trolley and bus noises, fill the atmosphere. With every minute that passes passengers grow impatient and frustrated.

The bus route 916 only picks up at the Euclid Trolley Station every hour. During this hour people gather under the 916 sign and look furiously around the corner to find the bus. At last when the bus arrives everyone scrambles to gather his or her belongings to be first in the line.

Scurrying to get on, people shove, and pull each other, which only adds to their anger. Now, there is a bus full of impatient and furious people.

To cut down on this, there should be more buses that go through route 916, so there are more frequent stops at the Euclid Trolley Station, resulting in less traffic and fewer anger management issues.

People who argue that more buses will impact the environment should know that most of the buses are run on natural gas that don’t pollute the air. If there are more buses, more people will start riding the bus instead of driving their cars, which means less pollution in the air. In addition, people might argue that this will bring higher bus fares. On the contrary, if buses pass by the Euclid trolley station more frequently and people start riding the bus more often this will offset the bus prices.

There are more benefits to getting more buses and drivers. A benefit to acquiring unsullied new bus drivers would be to give them a break from time to time. In addition, they should change the route direction. Right now, there is only one bus that goes from Euclid to College Grove and it takes time to go around and come back. They should provide drivers for the same route, but instead of going from Euclid they should go to Euclid because people at College Grove that miss the bus at 7:36 have to wait till 8:44.

If indeed there are more buses, people will start riding the bus, which will decrease traffic on roads and the pollution in the air, which will benefit the environment greatly.

Please don’t force us to stand, for an hour breathing in the fumes. Have mercy on the poor innocent people who cannot afford cars and are struggling to get home through public transit. Gratify these people’s needs by getting new buses for that route.

(I am a student from High Tech High. I am currently enrolled in a college course, English 101).

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