March 14, 2003

Martin Luther King, Jr. & Cesar Chavez License Plate Bill Passes First Hurdle

The Assembly Committee on Transportation passed on a 12-0 vote legislation that will create a license plate honoring the memory of the late civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., and United Farm Workers founder, César E. Chévez. Money collected from the sale of the license plates will support Extended Opportunity Programs and Services at community colleges throughout California. EOPS provides special counseling, tutoring and financial aid to students with economic, cultural and language needs.

“I’m gratified by the support we have received from both legislators and many Californians,” said Assemblyman Bermúdez. “At this time, we cannot devote as much money to invaluable programs like EOPS. We can, however, support a voluntary program that allows Californians to express their support for the legacies of Martin Luther King Jr. and César Chávez, while raising funds to help students better themselves.”

Data from the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services across the state show the breakdown of students in EOPS in 2001-2002: “AB 62 is another way in which we can honor the lives of two men who so clearly expressed the values of achievement, harmony, justice and non-violence,” said Assemblyman Bermúdez. “Both men fought to improve the lives of Americans who were economically and socially disenfranchised. AB 62 will enable community college students who face educational and economic challenges to complete their two-yeaer education and move on to a four-year college. I can think of no better tribute.”

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