March 12, 2004

A New Home for La Prensa San Diego!

  After 28 years in the same location at 5th and Grape, in central San Diego, we now have moved our offices to National City. It was a move long overdue, the constant drown of the airplanes overhead, the traffic, the occasional accidents at the busy intersection of our block, parking which was always a problem, the roof leaking with every heavy rain storm, the heater that never worked in the winter and the air conditioner that worked better with the windows open, all this and more, yet we will miss the old place – it was our home and the birth place of La Prensa San Diego.

In 1976 Daniel L. Muñoz Sr. decided that it was time to take the political newsletter he had developed as a Professor at Mesa College. The 4-page newsletter bore the name “Tezozomoc Speaks”. Unquestionably it was very political and quite defensive of “La Raza.” In a short time the newsletter had grown from a 200-copy tract to a 5,000 massive that was being read from San Diego to Sacramento.

It had became clear that the Hispano-Mexican American-Chicano community of San Diego, had a need for a strong public voice to speak about it and for it. In ‘76 there was no voice for the Chicano/Mexican-American community in San Diego. They owned no radio or television stations. They owned no newspapers; no media systems existed to communicate our point of view. It became quite clear that the Mexican owned media from Mexico did not speak for or about us. They did not understand our culture, politics, or the nature of our existence. They understood our people and the nature of their existences about as well as the Union Tribune did. This was the void that we stepped into and launched La Prensa San Diego at our new offices at 5th & Grape, in Hillcrest area.

  The newspaper business was not necessarily in the founder’s bloodlines at the time. In fact, no one really had a newspaper background. But what they did have was an unabated desire to create change for the Chicano/Mexican-American, Hispanic community. In ’76 thousands of Chicanos marched to the border demanding human rights, civil rights, constitutional rights. Thousands took to the streets and fought for bilingual, migrant education, for Chicano Park, for jobs, for equal education, for equal opportunity, for political representation of which there was none at that time. This was the backdrop with which La Prensa San Diego came into being.

  La Prensa San Diego did not represent the city of San Diego as the name might imply. La Prensa San Diego moved quickly to represent the whole of San Diego. There were perhaps 300 plus news media representing every other voice in the county but there was no voice for the Chicano/Mexican-American community. While representing such a large area was ambitious, the reality of it was that what happened at the border along with the complete disenfranchisement of the entire Hispanic community, even the squealing of the mouse was enough to terrify the elephant! What changes were brought about had found their roots in the voice of La Prensa San Diego!

While we have moved our offices to National City, today, we continue the ambitious goal of providing a voice for the Chicano Hispanic community of San Diego on a whole.

In 1976 before our first publication hit the streets, La Prensa San Diego invited the community to come and meet those who would attempt to provide the community with a voice. Today, once again we invite to the community to come and visit us at our new home in National City.

Daniel H. Muñoz, Jr., Editor
La Prensa San Diego
101 E 30th Street
National City, Ca 91950

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