March 11, 2005

Gracias a Dios, the rains stopped! Pobrecito de mi perro! He couldn’t take the swimming pool that my back yard turned into! He looked at me with his sorrowful eyes and said: Ni modo! Jefito! And, off he went, looking for a better home. Haven’t seen mi perro since!

The folks in Mesa Arizona were quite busy, if you’re gonna believe the Indian tom toms that have been beating loud and clear. The message is that the Arizona State Director of LULAC, (League of the United Latin American Citizens), Sam Esquival, found out that $120,000 dollars, of the Mesa Arizona LULAC, were missing from the State Treasury! The money had mysteriously disappeared! Sam blew the whistle and National LULAC leadership is now after the past leadership of the Mesa Arizona chapter! Sam and National have asked the IRS and the Arizona Attorney General to investigate “Lo Que Pasó”!

Chispas, the NEOCons (Extreme Republican Right Wingers) are determined to make us believe that they REALLY CARE about our Gente! They are now taking weekly Spanish language lessons at the State Capital so that they can be “comfortable” with La Raza in their Home District barrios! Orale, you want to get close and comfy with our Gente... How about raising their hourly wages from the cheap slave wages that they are paid now? Or better yet, start a massive investigation as to why the prison population is mostly Mexican/Latinos and Blacks???? White folks just don’t seem to break the law... Do They? Or can it be that most of the Cops are White, most of the Judges are White, most of the Politicians are White, and most of the Lawyers are White? But most of the prisoners are Mexicans, or Blacks!

Al Tanto: Tidbits from the Republican Press. Hard to believe that the San Diego Chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA) would print and distribute a survey, they commissioned that is not full of propaganda favoring the Republican Party. Pero, got to give them credit, they did. Now if the San Diego RNHA could get rid of the NEO-CONS, maybe there could be hope for better future. Because of its length, you will find the Survey on page 3 in La Prensa San Diego.

Hijole! Este Indio surprised to see so much “Toro Poppo”over a 3.5 mile Border fence, where the “Turf meets the Surf.” The crazies, running the ‘so-call” Department of Homeland Security, are “locos”! Who is being fenced in or out? Shall they try to fence the entire ocean fronts on the East and West Coast? The Republican Leadership is being made foolish and worse like a bunch of Nazi’s... Why not build a TIJUANA WALL 30 feet tall and 2,000 miles long across the borderlands?

Pos, the Anti-Christ folks seem to have won the battle over the “Mount Soledad Cross.” I guess, that next, we shall have to destroy all our public buildings wherever a cross is part of the decorations of the building. Orale, don’t blame the anti-Christ people... Blame our politicians who have allowed our laws to permit the tyranny of the majority by the minority! As long as our idiotic politicians keep writing our laws where there is no restrain, what so ever, anything and everything goes! If the concept of a God or Christ bothers you. Go to Iran, Iraq, or China etc. Heck, we will even kick in the plane tickets!

Seems like the politicos in Mexico don’t care too much for our State Department Rep. La Señorita Rice. Talk on the Radio sounds like they feel she is too pushy and too ignorant about Mexico’s issues.

Bueno, ya basta... Gracias for your letters and commentaries.

Felicidades: Tezzy

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