March 10, 2006

Pierre, South Dakota - Gov. Mike Rounds signed legislation banning nearly all abortions in South Dakota, setting up a court fight aimed at challenging the 1973 US Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. The bill would make it a crime for doctors to perform an abortion unless the procedure was necessary to save the woman’s life. It would make no exception for cases of rape or incest. While we are not big fans of abortion, the alternative that this legislation presents is not much better, it is just a step backwards to “Do it yourself ABORTIONS!

The Los Angeles Times ran a story about the largess of insurance companies and their financial influence with the Assembly Insurance Committee, a pro-business, relatively conservative bastion within the generally liberal Legislature. Juan Vargas (D-San Diego), is the chairman of the Assembly panel. Crux of the story is the anger from fire victims who lost their homes in the 2003 the worst wildfire season ever. Their gripe, the insurance companies bought influence while homeowners faced insurmountable walls. Here are some of the highlights:

--Vargas has received more than $325,377 in campaign contributions from the Insurance Industry, most of it since he took over the panel in 2003. Insurance donations were 17% of the money he raised for his two Assembly races.

--In addition to the campaign donations, Insurers with interests before the Committee bought Vargas 13 meals, including one for $181 at Morton’s steakhouse in 2004. They paid for his flight to Boston to attend an Industry conference and for rounds of golf. In addition, they kicked in an additional $290 golf game for Vargas’ brother, Javier.

With Assemblyman Vargas in charge the Insurance Lobby had the best representation MONEY COULD BUY!

--Ciaran Thornton, who lost his Harbison Canyon house in the fires, and a friend whose home had narrowly escaped incineration, met with Assemblyman Vargas, at his Chula Vista office in June 2004. “We sat down,” he said: ‘We’ll see what we can do.’ “He never got back to us at all”!

Mayor Jerry Sanders has put together his top flight management team (?) to run the city of San Diego. By looking at his team you wouldn’t guess that this city is a Border city where the Hispanic population is 25% of the community. It is a pretty much a Lilly White Team (with one exception.) As the old saying goes: “Birds of the feather, stick together”! Racism is well and alive in San Diego!

Gracias to President George Bush and the Republican Party, the United States is in debt by $8, 276,800,210,551. Each one of us, that is lucky to be an American citizen, is today part owner of that debt. You owe exactly: $27,709.25! Aren’t you happy that America is so rich?

Democratic Congressional Candidate, Francine Busby, who is seeking to be elected to the 50th Congressional District Seat, to replace former Congressman Randy Cunningham who has been removed from office, is giving the Republican Party reason to fear losing the seat. The stench left behind by el “Duke” who sold his country out for a large sum of gold, has left the voters in the 50th Congressional District leery of voting for another Republican Congressman! You can bet your boots that working class voters, Latinos, Blacks and most other voters will look elsewhere other than the Republican Party for their next leader to run our Country! A solid honest Democrat looks good or the 50th Congressional District Seat.

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