March 10, 2006

San Ysidro Truth Seekers Host “Truth Fest”

By Pablo Jaime Sainz

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12).

Those words were sent by Paul on his first letter to Timothy. There, Paul tries to encourage, and at the same time providing advice to, young Timothy.

Those same words are the ones that members of the San Ysidro High School Truth Seekers, a Christian club for students in that school, try to apply in their daily life.

As part of their mission of helping others, SYHS Truth Seekers will host their first Truth Fest, a Christian rock concert that will raise funds for an organization that helps children in the community.

Truth Fest will take place on Friday, March 10, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the San Ysidro High School campus.

The event will include seven Christian rock bands that will make those attending dance with positive music, said Grant Castro, Truth Seekers vicepresident. “You will be able to have a good time with other Christian teens, in addition to great music,” he said.

The idea for the festival began last year, when some SYHS Truth Seekers members attended the Spirit West Coast Festival, a Christian rock concert that takes place every year in Del Mar, said Leia Hornedo, SYHS Truth Seekers president.

“We wanted to do something similar to that, but on a smaller scale”, she said. “We wanted to do something for a good cause.”

Tickets for Truth Fest are $5. All the proceeds will be donated to Koinonia Foster Homes, non-profit organization known as a foster family agency.

Seven bands will participate in the festival, including Acoustic by Default, from San Diego.

Christian Weatherspoon, the band’s singer and guitarist, said that Truth Fest will be a good opportunity to spread God’s word. “It’s a worship service done through music”, he said.

He added that even though the majority of rock bands are far from Christianity, Acoustic by Default members are close to God.

“We do it because we find it fulfillling,” said 21-year-old Weatherspoon.

Truth Seekers President Hornedo said that the festival will try to reach out to San Ysidro youth.

She said that Truth Seekers’ mission is to promote fellowship and the Word of God amongst students at San Ysidro High School.

The student club, which was founded in 2002, has 10 active members.

“It provides a good environment for students,” she said. “We don’t use negative language and we try to stay away from all the negative stuff in our society.”

Hornedo said that it’s difficult to maintain a Christian club on campus because many students don’t find it appealing to talk about Christianity. Also, due to separation of church and state, the Truth Seekers have to meet during their own time, usually lunch, and can’t use classtime for club activities, she said.

Truth Seekers consists of Christians of different denominations, both Catholic and Protestant.

“We do not exist to debate religion, but to promote fellowship amongst students,” states the club’s website.

And it has worked.

“We’ve received very positive responses from students at school,” Horneda said.

Everyone is welcome to join the club. The only requirement is that you are a current student of San Ysidro High School. The Truth Seekers hold meetings every Tuesday, during lunch, in room 710. For further information, visit

San Ysidro High School is located at 5353 Airway Rd., en San Diego.
San Ysidro High School Truth Fest
FEATURING: 3 Mile Walk, Acoustic By Default, Alta Dimension, Basic Elements, Horseshoes and Handgrenades, Slightly Flammable, and The Social Board.
Starts at 7 pm. Doors open at 6 pm. Tickets are $5 @ the door.

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