March 9, 2001



It is said... "que dentro el dicho y el hecho hay un gran trecho"... Something happened in the City of Angels. Senate Majority Leader Richard Polanco had announced his candidacy for the Los Angeles City Council (el dicho.) Pero, el Señor Polanco, who is married and the Papi of three, committed a big boo-boo. He made out with his legislative aide and fathered a son (el hecho)!


Pregunta: Didn't these guys learn anything from Bill Clinton???


El trecho: Polanco is now in a hole he will never get out of. His career as a City Councilman is over. P.S. He is termed out as a Senator. Maybe he should tie in with Henry Cisneros... They have something in common.


Closer to our own little Barrio: Luis Natividad is un poco preocupado! His Commemora-tion Breakfast for Cesar Chavez on March 30th is largely a non-seller. Tickets to the event are collecting dust. They committed to selling 100 tables. Thus far, only 18 have been sold! El tiempo is getting short. Luis is upset that no Latino, Chicano, Hispanic, Business or Agency has reserved any tables at $250 per table!


Pssssst Luis: Have you noticed that there is a business down-turn, or that El Presidente is cutting off the dinero to non-profits ???


Fat Tuesday was a gay event in Willie Brown's city... Frisco city hall types ( including Wille Brown) were spied at a bash where Go-Go boys in jockey shorts were the main attraction! Quien sabe, I always thought the Brazilian Samba dancers had it all over the "HE-SHES."


El Jefito mau-maued by Ralph Inzunza's Gay supporters... Parece that El Jefito's picasos hit home.


Go Figure: A truck rams the Capital building causing $16.5 million in damages, or so said the Department of General Services. Oh, our generous politicians are also putting out $566,000 for cleaning up the front of the Capital... You know, to sweep up the side-walks, etc....


La Prensa Editor interviewed by BBC-CNN London Latino feed and a major national radio chain from Argentina on La Prensa San Diego's take on the shooting. Seems La Prensa was the only Spanish language media available to comment in Español to Latin America.

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