March 9, 2001

Letters to the Editor


Letter to Joan Krok

Dearest Joan,

First, it's in order that I thank you for your past help on behalf of seniors of the 92101 zip code. For whom food was given out the last Tuesday of the month, which enables them to have food on their tables. Enclosed are some of my photos that attest to these facts. "Hunger is alive and well" in the county and city of San Diego. Four hundred senior persons line up at the gates at 727 E Street, including myself. Some line up at 2:00 a.m. to secure the needed food.

However, the Food Bank is an endangered species at this writing. Not only are seniors being fed, it's an entire community as was attested by many ministers before the City Council of San Diego, last week. A collective beg on behalf of the aforementioned.

America is the food OPEC of the world. We could drown by the flood of food.

Neither the county or the city of San Diego have undertaken the social contract on behalf of its own citizens to the fullest measure, being that both entities are among the richest in America. For a mere $150,000, they would permit our people to go hungry. This is a disgrace of the highest order. Therefore, I once again turn to you to permit the much needed food given out, especially for children. Insofar, when a child suffers from malnutrition, it leads to permanent brain damage and mental retardation.

Dr. Art Salzberg
San Diego

Raw Sewage Spills

So another one and a half million gallons of raw sewage spills into Mission Bay, and the spill goes unnoticed for TEN DAYS!

You'd think that our San Diego City Council would realize that our infrastructure is in decay, and should acknowledge that it is their primary responsibility to upgrade these critical but unglamorous city needs. But instead they are busy subsidizing multimillionaire playgrounds.

Tom Hohman
San Diego

Bus Spending Program

For me, MTDB's proposed new $7 + BILLION county bus (excuse me - "flex-trolley") system raises this question: Do they have a clue?

Their previous policy provides an answer. MTDB asserts that this latest bus spending program is one-sixth the cost per mile of their PREVIOUS spending folly - the San Diego trolley system.

But remember that for years these same MTDB politicos promised us that our massive trolley spending would cure San Diego's future transportation needs. Now it turns out that these hugely expensive and seldom used toys gobbled up money that SHOULD have been spent on what 98 percent of San Diegans use - roads. Yet MTDB remains in denial. Doggedly describing the trolley disaster as a transportation success.

Why should this new MTDB brainstorm be taken seriously when they've already wasted billions of dollars of our money?

Richard Rider
San Diego

Naming Stadium Rights to Sycuan

If pale-faces John Moores and Larry Lucchino sell the naming rights to their doomed stadium to the nouveau riche Sycuan Indian Tribe for up to $250 million (SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, Sat. 2/10/01, "Could Padres be angling toward `Sycuan Park'?"), this "pillage in East Village" could be the white man's biggest swindle of Native Americans since the early European settlers reportedly purchased Manhattan Island from the Delaware Indian tribe for a mere $25.

How appropriate though, for wasn't it the Spanish missionaries, i.e., the Padres, who were primarily responsible for the demise of our local Indian tribes?

Al Rava
San Diego

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