March 9, 2001


Santana High: Another Monument To Our Failures

Monday, March 5th, 2001, will go down in history as another day of infamy when blood was shed by our youth on the grounds of Santana High School in Santee, California. It will be remembered as yet another failure in our abilities to provide our children with the internal guidance systems that will assist them in making proper moral choices. Somewhere along the way, we have failed to plant within our children the essential gyroscope that helps guide them through life, and assists them in maintaining a moral, ethical course. Is the child, who just turned 15, to blame for never having been taught the essential lessons that distinguish humans from the lower forms of animal life? Or is society, in general, to blame for the cheapening and devaluation of human life?

Charles Andrew Williams clearly had a serious disconnect from reality. When he stood facing the Quad at Santana High School and shot 13 of his fellow students and two adults, Williams was totally disconnected from reason. His mind and body were acting divorced from his internal moral guidance system. Life had become cheap to him and irrelevant. The students he was shooting were not human. They were devoid of any relevance and cheapened by society's irreverence for human life. Where did he learn the lesson that a human being was nothing but a `throw-away" burden to be flushed down a toilet bowl?

Students Randy Gorden and Bryan Zucker became the ultimate `throw-away' students as they died at the hands of Andrew Williams and a 22-caliber pistol. Heather Cruz, Trevor Edwards, Travis Tate-Gallegos, Berry Gibson, Matthew Heier, James Jackson, Karla Leyva, Scott Marshall, Melissa McNuly, Tristen Salladay, and Raymond Serrato, were shot but lived to wonder WHY????? Why would a fellow classmate shoot them? Tim Estes, a 33 year-old student teacher, training for a full-time career in education, was shot in the stomach as he rushed to assist the students. Ruben Ruiz, a 22 year-old campus security guard rushed to get to the students that were shot, some of them seriously, when Williams unloaded on him. He was shot three times before collapsing to the ground.

Where have children learned to have such low regard for human life? Is it television? Computer games? Is it from magazines and print media? Could it be that they learn from our contemporary, sick morality that cheapens life? Could it be all of the above???

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