March 8, 2002

SDUS District and San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation announce opening of web-based charter school

Global Learning Charter School to enroll home-school students

The San Diego Unified School District and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation announce the opening of the county's newest charter school _ Global Learning Charter School.

Global Learning is a Charter Middle School serving grades 6 through 8, with the goal of supporting students and parents in a rigorous, technology-rich curriculum based in the student's own home. The school is open to students living in San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Imperial counties.

"Global Learning was found-ed with the belief that students have a right to learn at their own pace, to take an active role in their own education, and to dream big," said Hank Harris, Global Learning's principal and director. "A child's parents are the most important teachers they will ever have, and we are committed to supporting and enhancing the naturally occurring parent-child educational relationship."

Global Learning was chartered Jan. 30, 2001 by the San Diego Unified School District and will open its doors to students in fall 2002. Interested parents and students can enroll now. The school was founded with support from the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Dr. Ginger Hovenic, CEO of the Chamber's Business Round-table for Education, Cindy Finelli, vice president of Generation Next Education, and education technology expert Diana Hadfield are founders and advisors.

Global Learning's internationally minded independent study curriculum includes web-based curriculum for home-schooling parents that supports one-on-one learning. In addition to the web-based support, the school's program is divided into four categories.

Learning Mentor

Each student and parent is assigned a learning mentor who meets with them monthly to plan, review and assess their educational progress. Recognizing that each student is different, Global Learning's mentors provide support to the parent and child while honoring the uniqueness of each home school.

Expert in the Field

Because not all knowledge worth learning is contained in a textbook, Global Learning fosters an environment where students gather knowledge as it happens. The school's team of Experts in the Field are authorities in their respective disciplines from around the world _ they work at universities, museums, think tanks and other national and international organizations _ who will develop online relationships to students who have similar interests. From diplomats to museum curators, these experts will provide Global Learning students with recommended readings and conference call and online conversations to answer their questions.

The Academies

Global Learning will offer weekly or semi-weekly classes at its downtown San Diego site for instruction that home-schooling parents feel they cannot provide themselves. These could include mathematics, science or a second language. The instructors are experienced, professional educators. The Academies will be offered at various times during the day and evening to accommodate the home-school parent's schedule.

Learning Camp

In conjunction with Bobbi DePorter, President of Learning Forum,, Global Learning Charter School will offer an optional multi-day non-residential learning camp in early September.

For more information about enrolling in Global Learning Charter School for fall 2002, call 619.933.7500 or email More information also is available on Global Learning's web site:

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