March 8, 2002


Voter Turn Out Shameful

Seventy Percent of San Diego County Voters Missing in Action!

Democracy took a beating at the polls this past Tuesday. With 1,355,756 San Di-ego County citizens registered to vote, only 29.6 percent (401,677) exercised their right. It is a testimonial to the failure of the political process when 954,079 voters fail to validate our form of government by not bothering to vote. There are 3,500,000 residents in San Diego County. We are now a county that is represented by only 29 percent of its registered voters.

Historically, nations fail when the members of that society do not vest themselves in the governance of that nation. This leaves the door wide open for highly motivated, energized groups wishing to take control of a nation. San Diego County is a small snap shot of what is taking place throughout the country. Concerned over taxes? High cost of housing? Destruction of our environment? Local municipal, county state, federal government? Politicos, bureaucrats, cronies raiding the public treasury to funnel millions of dollars to their insider friends? Are you worried about the status of education in our nation?

The list of the escalating failures of our government bureaucracies is long. Yet, we the people don't care enough to vote. We have turned our representative government into shambles. We the people don't seem to care enough to exercise our inherent democratic right granted under the Constitution. We are losing more and more control of our lives and public resources due to our failures to exercise the power of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Perhaps we need to change the method that we use to create our government. It is obvious that the two party system is failing. Perhaps we need proportional representation in the formation of our governing bodies. Attempting to place all citizens into two ruling parties has failed. It is not enough to pigeonhole all the citizens of this nation into two ideologies.

Perhaps the seats at the local, state and federal level of all legislatures should be apportioned out to various parties with respect to the votes they receive. Perhaps we can learn something from England.

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