March 7, 2003


Has the Paradigm for running our political system become dysfunctional?

It’s time to take a check on the political condition of our city, state and nation and ask ourselves: Is it still working? Where have we been? Where are we going? Have our lives improved? Is the Nation still functioning as a political Democracy?

Does it make any difference who runs our form of government? Some would say that we have progressed! We have a variety of nationalities running our government. Is it working? For instance, has the quality of our elected officials improved with the injection of Latino, Black, Asian, or Chinese politicians into the system? Does it really matter what the race, color, or nationality is of our elected officials if the political system itself is what is dysfunctional? Have the rules and guidelines of our Constitution and Bill of Rights lost their relevance?

It seems that nothing has changed since the Founding Fathers of this Nation created the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the wealthy, conservative elites, the ruling element that have controlled the political and economic life of this nation at the expense of the nation as a whole. Race, ability, education, has had little or no impact on the ability to change a political structure that has grown more and more dysfunctional over the centuries. Our ability to change our system of governance has become stultified. We are attempting to run a nation of 350 some odd million citizens utilizing the same blueprint that was created to run a nation of few hundred thousand. Control of the nation has become ossified and incapable of changing to adjust for the fast changing requirements of our universe. We are using the rules to satisfy the needs of the few and are fast losing the abilities to deal with the political dynamics of the future. I don’t believe that it makes one iota of difference who runs the system of governance. However the system of governance in America is unresponsive and is operating as if trapped in time warp. It has lost the ability to provide the mechanisms to effectively maintain its position as a world leader.

President George W. Bush and his administration are a glaring example of what is happening to our country. They are functioning as if America is trapped in a time warp from which there is no escape. They are trying to run the country as if it is their personal fiefdom. They are trapped in a mind warp that has no relativism to this century. Our Constitution has trapped the nation in a web of contradictions that have left the nation in a self-constructed trap from which there is no escape. We have to break the chains that bind us. We must have the freedom to survive or we will cease to exist.

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