March 5, 2004

Q-V0 Hommies! Que gusto that el Jefito moved La Prensa San Diego to National City! It was getting a little tough being in Hillcrest. All the Vatos de Hillcrest are very busy getting married to each other! Pero es lo que quieren! Este Indio prefers being among Gente that at least knows whether they are Homies or Rucas!

Hijole, it’s good being near la Línea. I can smell the beautiful Mexican odors of enchiladas, tacos, frijoles etc. Pero, don’t forget that La Prensa San Diego has been circulating for 27 years throughout the entire County. Donde esta mi gente La Prensa San Diego shall be...Your concerns are our concerns. Cruzando la Línea será muy easy now for este Indio!

El nuevo cantón de La Prensa San Diego es:
101 East 30th St.,
Suite A
National City, Ca, 91950
(Corner of 30th St. and “A” Avenue}

General Telefonos: (619) 336-0370 or 336-0371 Fax; (619) –336-0372

E-Mail, Press Releases, Letters to Editors: laprensa

Advertising, marketing:

WEB Page for viewing weekly editions of La Prensa San Diego:

We are pleased to move our Editorial-Marketing Offices to the beautiful City of National City...Missed not having the Mayor Nick Inzunza greet us and welcome us to his city! Not too late to hold a Pachanga to welcome us!

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