March 5, 2004

2004-05 Polanco Fellows Wanted

Paid positions available for public policy leadership program

By Lisa Baca-Sigala

California Latino Caucus Institute - Polanco Fellowship Application 2004-2005


The members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus established the California Latino Caucus Institute (CLCI) in 2002 as a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization dedicated to developing the next generation of public policy leaders in California. The Senator Richard G. Polanco Fellows Program is designed to help participants develop as leaders, learn how the legislative process works and create an understanding of the role of public policy in society.


Beginning in 2003, (6) Polanco Fellows have been selected annually from across California to participate in a leadership training and develop an insight into the legislative process.

The ideal candidate has the drive to become a political and social change agent in the public or private sector. As future leaders, Fellows are expected to create change in their desired fields of interest. The leadership development program provides training in public policy, leadership, strategic management, race, class and gender issues. The program is jointly administered with the Center for California Studies at California State University Sacramento.

Six (6) 2004-2005 Polanco Fellows will be selected to serve as full-time staff in the Legislature or other branches of government in Sacramento. Assigned with public policy staff responsibilities, Fellows will be given duties that involve a significant amount of responsibilities and challenges. These responsibilities will include helping develop legislative proposals, researching and analyzing bills, responding to constituent inquiries, developing talking points, writing press releases, speeches and general correspondence.

The term of the Fellowship will be 11 months beginning in September 2004. Each Fellow will receive a monthly stipend of $1,882 and will be considered an employee of California State University Sacramento (CSUS) with full health and dental benefits. Fellows must also enroll as graduate students at CSUS and receive 12 graduation credits from the CSUS Department of Government Program. The programs pay the enrollment fees.

Although no previous experience is necessary, applicants are not limited to but should have a strong interest in public policy. An orientation at UCLA and additional training on-site in Sacramento will help provide a background on state government, the legislative process and major public policy issues. After the orientation process, Fellows will interview with various offices before being placed. Fellows are required to attend weekly graduate seminars conducted by their program academic advisors.


Each class of Fellows will select a 6-month Sacramento based community service project for group involvement. Fellows are challenged to work as a team to advance a project from its initial conception to completion. In the process, each fellow learns to set aside individual beliefs, to appreciate and trust each other, work with various management styles, to delegate, lead, follow, organize and manage people and time effectively. For the Sacramento community, Fellows and CLCI, this program will provide an immediate public benefit for the local community.

CLCI provides participants with:

- Transportation one round-trip airfare to Sacramento.

- Gross monthly stipend of $1,882.

- Health/dental benefits.

- Provide introduction with Capitol Area Development Association for housing contacts.

Program requirements

- Fellows must be 21 years of age.

- Work a minimum of 36 hours a week at placement site.

- Attend all orientation programs.

- Attend pre-fellowship retreat and leadership training.

- Attend once a week graduate seminars with CSUS faculty.

- Participate in CLCI sponsored activities.

- Participate in a six-month community service project.

- Prepare a final journal article reflecting on fellowship expectations and experience.

- Comply with CLCI policies regarding work performance and personal conduct.

Eligibility Criteria

- Candidates must have a demonstrated interest in public policy.

- Undergraduate degree.

- Applicants should have graduated from a college or university (with a BA/BS degree).

- Specialized fellowships must have a graduate degree or equivalent work experience.

- Good analytical and communication skills (oral and written)

- Be a California resident.

2004-05 Richard G. Polanco Fellows Application Form

DEADLINE: April 30, 2004

For application form contact: CLLCIPP, C/O Lisa Baca-Sigala, PO Box 26899 Los Angeles, CA 90026. For additional information telephone (323) 660-7234.

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