March 4, 2005

The Oscars are over, the show was a bummer! The two most talked about movies of the year were snuffed out. The most popular movie of the year, of any year, The Passion by Mel Gibson was completely shutout. It was only nominated in three minor categories. The Passion has made over $600 million world wide and all the films nominated for best picture put together didn’t even added up to half that. Could it be that the Jewish community, which controls most of Hollywood, saw The Passion as being “anti-Jewish? Sorry folks, but that movie followed the Bible.

Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michale Moore, that scrutinized President Bush and the aftermath of 9/11, was another of the most talked about films of the year. It was also snubbed. Political correctness of Hollywood?

Sorry Gente, but White/Black Hollywood managed to snub “La Gente, Mexican, Cubans, Spanish, Latinos actors, singers, professionals in movie production were given scant attention. Well, except for the few that walked on the red carpet showing their bodies off! Este Indio couldn’t stand the Oscar programming for more than an hour... That was it. It was boring.

Brett Davis, President of the South Bay Republican Party, announced that he is going to throw his hat in for the 79th Assembly race (tiene Cajones). Davis has a good story going from sleeping on the streets to becoming a friend with Governor Schwarzenegger. The 79th is not normally friendly territory for non Raza/ Black candidates. He should slide through to the Primary. Not too many Republicans want to run in the79th.

Last week we noted the selection of Ralph Inzunza to the Airport Authority by Mayor Murphy. This week we can talk about the selection of Kourosh Hangafarin, (an Iranian) to the Port District. This guy goes to Cuba and starts acting on behalf of the Port, cutting deals with the Cuban people! Come on guy, two weeks on the job, the paint on his parking spot is probably still tacky and he is acting as if he has all the answers, what an embarrassment. The problems just keep mounting for Murphy; once again he just can’t get out of the way of problems.

Pregunta: You ever hear of MURPHY’S LAW? If he can screw it up Mayor Murphy will find a way!

Good thing the Governor changed his mind about eliminating the State Boards and Commissions. La Prensa sits on the Small Business Employment Advisory Board! El Jefe de La Prensa gets no pay for doing his public duty. Somehow we never seem to get the positions that pay $100,000 per year for attending 3 meetings! We do get a free plane ride from here to there and when necessary and have to stay a couple of days, we get room and board at a local hotel.

Enrique Morones seems to be in hot water with the Inzunzas. Seems Morones had Bob Filner on his radio show not once but twice! Ralph Inzunza (City Councilman) arranged $10,000 for his Water Angel project to help the migrants crossing in the desert and later switched from his City Council Budget $50,000 for Morone’s future Mexico Cottage in Balboa Park. I smell political blood is going to flow. Morones is trying to play Filner over Juan Vargas in the upcoming race for the 51st Assembly seat.

Tezozomoc’s Cuates from LOS (L.A.) send him a BLOG stating LosAngeles Latinos are supporting Mayor Jim Hahn for reelection. Grace Napolititano, Chair of Congressional Hispanic Caucus, State Senator Gil Cedillo, Rudy Bermudez, Juana Gutierrez of Mothers of East L.A. will be holding an endorsement Press Conference (today/March 4, 2005 at10:30a.m.). For further info on this very important Mayors race call Frank Aguirre Hahn Campaign, 1-323-804-1863.

Ya se acabó, chao... TEZZY.

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