March 4, 2005

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Student in favor of Logan Heights Library

My name is Rosalía Perez, I am an 8th grade student at Memorial Academy. I am writing this letter to let you know that I am in favor of the new library that will be built in Logan Heights. Here are some reasons I believe that it should be built and that’s a good idea:

1. More students will read

2. The reading level of each student will rise

3. More students from our community will go to college

4. More books to read

5. More computers to use

6. It will look good

I really support the idea of a new library in our community. Thank you for taking your time to read my letter. I really think the new library will succeed. Lets hope more people agree because it will really help this society. There is lots of things to do besides killing and robbing etc. I truly believe the library will be a success.

Thank you so much again. Let the Lord be with you today and always.

Rosalía Perez
San Diego

What do you expect?

In San Diego County, with a Latino (people of Latin origin) population representing some 37% of the total inhabitants; that we would see the further abuse and debasement of a people used to work in restaurants, housekeep, farming, landscaping… without medical coverage, without the benefit of social security or retirement plans, without political representation nor economic inclusion or even some part of the “American Dream” is not only predictable but to be expected. That this same systematic repression of civil rights of a legal population be even more extreme when the same environmental-racism is applied to and even more marginalized population is expected and even seems to be encouraged by those enjoying economic and political power over the masses of hourly workers with make up the largest part of our citizenry. This disenfranchisement can be seen in the extreme in government offices and country workforces in San Diego - For example - S.E.D.C.’s board is made-up almost completely devoid of a single Latino, and council District 4 covering an area populated by a 63% (or more) Latino/a constituency - has only one minor representative on the Council District 4’s Staff and District 4 has never had a Latino council person or any political/economic power or influence.

The general behavior of those in power - is that any Latinos making their voice heard about the desperate condition of our community is a bigot or a beggar asking for a free ride or a hand-out referring to all those with a cultural identity or the aesthetics and cosmetology of a member of these repressed people as Mexicans - and therefore totally Un-American and undeserving of any of the rights we all fought so hard for in the fifties and sixties….

Gregorio Morales

President Bush in Europe

In a much ballyhooed speech to the American People, President Bush had extolled the so-called virtue of freedom as a gift from God. Now it seems, our President has switched gears by quoting one in a group of Post-World War II French Existentialists in promoting his “Freedom Tour” in Europe. The quote by Albert Camus who wrote prodigiously on the ravages of a war torn Europe is like selling Holy Water to the Devil. What in the world did our President have in mind by invoking the work of a French Existentialist. I wonder if the Bush Neo-Cons would dare repeat this quote in Austin, Texas. The Europeans probably do not know whether to laugh or cry. At least President Bush did not quote Jean-Paul Sartre. Maybe next time, he should tackle Marcel Proust.

Daniel J. Smiechowski
San Diego

Open Letter to President Vicente Fox Quesada:

Distinguished Sir: I write to you after hearing that the Senate has authorized you to send Mexican troops abroad and permit foreign troops to occupy our national territory. This alarming news may lead to a situation in which human rights, the rights you have often defended, will be violated. I write to express my absolute disagreement with these developments.

My son, Jesus Alberto Suarez del Solar Navarrro, was born in Mexico and died in the invasion of Iraq on March 27, 2003, only seven days after the beginning of U.S. aggression against the people of Iraq. At that time, you bravely refused to assist Mr Bush in his hostile act and in a show of true patriotism you witheld Mexico’s vote in the UN Security Council that would have authorized the U.S. invasion of a sovereign nation.

Today more than 1500 young soldiers wearing the uniform of the United States have died. More than 200 were of Latin American origin and more than 80 were Mexican nationals. They were Mexican citizens, fooled by the false promises of military recruiters in the United States, who had come to this country for many different reasons but who ended up fighting in a war that had nothing to do with them.

As President of all Mexicans, you have the obligation to protect the rights of Mexicans living abroad, to guarantee the lives of our youth who live abroad, and to ensure that more Mexican youth do not join the U.S. ranks. Today, I am sad to see that you may do just the opposite by sending more Mexican youth to die in a war that is none of their business, a war based on Mr Bush’s lies. It is troubling to see that you may allow Mr Bush to deploy into our coastal waters more troops who may die in this immoral war.

Presidente Fox, in my son’s name and for the more than 80 young Mexicans who have already died and the thousands of Iraqi children who have lost their lives, I ask that you think carefully about your new powers and that you make sure more human beings do not needlessly lose their lives. Do not make the Mexican people an accomplice in this unlawful massacre of the Iraqi people.

Fernando Suarez

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