March 2, 2001

San Diego Regional Energy Office Launches $2M Incentive Program for Commercial Energy Efficient Roof Upgrades

The San Diego Regional Energy Office (SDREO) announced today that it is launching the "Cool Roof Program" under contract with the California Energy Commission (CEC). The Cool Roof Program is one of several statewide programs created through the passage of Assembly Bill 970 in response to the recent energy shortages. Cool Roofs can reduce energy use by up to 30% in certain applications by reducing the peak electricity demand and consumption associated with solar energy absorbed on the surfaces of roofs and rooftop ducts. The program provides incentives for air-conditioned commercial and multifamily buildings that upgrade their roofs to roofing materials that meet the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Energy Star criteria. Detailed program guidelines and qualifying criteria can be found at

"Air conditioning of commercial buildings is the largest component of peak electricity demand during the peak summer months," says Kurt Kammerer, executive director of the SDREO. "Estimates for the potential savings from cool roofs in San Diego County alone are in excess of $10M in energy costs and peak demand reduction of 6 megawatts."

The total amount of the incentives available are $2M, which is paid to building owners at a rate of $0.10 to $0.15 per square foot of qualifying roof that is upgraded by June 1, 2001 with the exception of school buildings, which must be completed by August 15, 2001.

The San Diego Regional Energy Office (SDREO) was selected by the Energy Commission to administer the program for commercial buildings within San Diego, Orange, Riverside and Imperial Counties. Details of the program can be found at the SDREO Web site at or by attending a free information workshop on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, from 8 am to 10 am at the Doubletree Inn in Mission Valley. For more information or to register for the workshop, please see or call (619) 595-5630.

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