March 2, 2001



Bush "Breaks a Leg" - Has a Buffo Performance

Either President Bush stayed up looking at old Ronald Reagan flicks or the Prez missed his calling and should have gone into starring in grade B movies. His performance before the Congress as he delivered his first address was masterful. Unfortunately, his body language could stand to use a lot of polishing. Perhaps his handlers didn't notice, but 200 million viewers couldn't help but notice that every time the Prez stretched the truth he turned aside and smirked. And he did that a lot!

Well, this Editor will be generous and give him an A for effort. But I am afraid I can't give him but a C- on telling the truth. To contradict every point he `misstated' would unfortunately take up half of La Prensa San Diego and our readers would turn away from the editorial page and go to the "Help Wanted" pages. Since Tuesday the big dailies, Television News Commentators, and every Democrat in the Country have been pointing out the obvious flaws of logic in the Presidents speech. Some have been so bold as to state that the President's speech writers were so engrossed in polemics that they failed to note whether the veracity of the words they put in the President's mouth, would, by any stretch of the imagination, go unchallenged!

Mr. President, you now represent ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY and not just THE RICH AND SUPER RICH. Our country is looking for honest DOWN HOME TRUTHS. You know, kind of like you use down-home in Texas. Don't try to be what you're not. Don't let those political city slickers snooker you. It's us, the millions of common every day folks, that are the backbone of this country. We are the voters who can assure that you will be more than a one-term president. These folks are your constituency not the fat cats who own all the international conglomerates, who send all of America's wealth to oversees banks, who care little for America. All they see our country as is one big money cow to feather their nests with. Once they get what they want they will turn their backs on you, our country, and us.

What's it going to be Mr. Prez them..... or your Country????

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