March 2, 2001

Election Analysis.....

Inzunza Gets a Free Ride in District Eight

By: Dan Muñoz Sr.
Political Writer

San Diego, Ca — What happens when the City throws a party and no one comes? In a sense that is what happened in this Tuesday's election for the vacant District 8 Council seat. The County Registrar of Voters sent out the invitations to the districts 44,748 registered voters. Sadly, only 7780 (17 percent) accepted the invitation. Having better things to do, 36,968 (83%) of the invitees were no shows.

Folks sometimes reject going to a party because they don't like the Playbill. But, what could you say about the starling list of characters that had signed up to be in the one act play "District 8 Elections"? In the lead role was one Ralph Inzunza playing the role of the well-heeled villain. The kind of character you like to hiss and boo at. Inzunza had been well trained by his mentor Juan Vargas who had had a long run on the various stages. He was what you call a Journey Man player but never quite a star.

The supporting cast was each a specialist in their trade but woefully under funded. Angels or Sugar Daddies are not that plentiful. In supporting roles were: Rafael Ramirez, Elias Rojas, Richard Babcock, Lincoln Pickard, Gloria Tyler-Mallery, Mary Arends-Biddlecome, Christian Ramirez, Janice Jordan, Joe Ortega, Kevin Hancock, and David Gomez.

Maybe it wasn't the playbill or the soda and snacks that didn't appeal or perhaps the price was too high to come out in the rain in order to catch action. Whatever the reason, only 17 percent of the folks came to the show and punched their tickets. Now they will have to be contented with two years of reruns.

What's that? You say that over 97,000 people live in the area and its undemocratic or even anti Republican that some one be declared the lead actor when only 4, 685 voters actually voted for RALPH INZUNZA????

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