March 1, 2002


It's that time again, to lite up la PIPA and stoke a little mota! Man no hay nada... anything... you can believe in el TEZZY. Todo es puro toro-popo on the tube, radio y los "dere-chistas" newspapers. When it comes to votar, mejor tome un pistito, open your book de Caló and let's go to it "a todo dar."

On the elections: If I were one of those "fuchi" Republicanos... Shoot man, I would vote for Riordan. Pos este Indio will vote por Davis even though el "pelado" hasn't done well by La Raza...Pero, come Noviembre, if el Chavo Riordan is still around, things might change.

Those Republican "Tio Tacos" that vote for the big R no matter what, are pero pirujos (PRIistas)! As long as it's guero they will revert to their peon status and carry their water.

Al Tanto! To all those Madrecitas y Padrecitos that joined la protesta contra (against el bolillo Superintendent Bersin y su buey Alvar-ado voten por Jeff Lee (seat B) y John de Beck (seat C). Ya basta with our children not getting educated.

Para los Cholos de South Bay... Don't be pendejos! You are only giving LA CHOTA more reasons to throw you in la Pinta (after they catear you). El Jefe Bejarano is a good Chota... Don't put him up against a brick wall or your worse nightmare va pasar... How many remember Chief Hubler? Sheriff Duffy???

Gracias to la Profe Liz Pastrano and her students for their reception to el editor de La Prensa. It is so refreshing to see a Maestra that will work sin pago to help her gente.

Pssssst to the well meaning gente at Chueys... It's not politics to get a street named after Chavez... We have half the town named after our gente, ¿y qué???... That's symbolic. Doesn't cost the man anything! He gives us nothing. Have the Mayor give you 50 million bucks to clean up the toxic dump THAT BARRIO LOGAN IS. That shows RES-PETO FOR YOU and OUR GENTE! That shows political power. Don't be taken in with tokenism!!

PREGUNTA: How cum the Mayor of San Diego didn't have in his 10 items, he is going to accomplish, A SINGLE CHICANO/MEXICAN AMERICAN/LATINO ITEM!!!!!

Pregunta: ¿POR QUE, do we let him get away with it? (A good question for Councilman Inzunza who wants to be reelected to represent Barrio Logan).Yes, yo sé, he got a street named after Cesar Chavez. Big deal when no hay affordable housing, no hay trabajo, no hay nada gente... DISPIERTEN!

Pues ahí los watcho!!!!

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