March 1, 2002


Prop E Needed to Protect the Public Purse!

Recent actions taken by our city's elected officials has shown that there is a high disregard for the way in which public money is used. Case in point is the construction of the PADRES ballpark. Funds over and above the amount originally approved by the voters have been taken from the General Operating Fund. Additional millions of dollars have been added on, without a public vote, to build a ballpark and related buildings. The entire development surrounding the proposed ball park will benefit and enrich the ownership of the PADRES. This raid of public funds for a private business was carried out by the Mayor and City Council, both of whom were elected to govern and protect the public interest.

Voter turnout in recent elections has been very low as disenchantment with the political system has grown. With voter turn out often as low as 25-40 percent, and with only a majority vote as a requirement, major financial proposals have frequently been passed with less that 20 percent of the electors voting. This was the case with PROP C, which was approved in a low turn out election. The MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), with the PADRES and former Mayor Susan Golding, was structured so that vast sums of money from the General Operating Fund would go directly toward building a private ballpark for a wealthy owner.

It is important that the bar is raised and that a 2/3rds majority vote is required to safeguard the public purse for each and every election.

Our elected officials have shown that they lack the guts and commitment necessary to represent the interests of tax paying voters. It is in our interest to protect ourselves from exploitive and/or compromising politicians.

La Prensa San Diego urges the voters to vote YES on Prop E and protect their homes and businesses! On Tuesday March 5 go to the polls and protect your families.


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