March 1, 2002


Mary Salas a leader for the Future

The City of Chula Vista is facing a serious crossroads in its history. For the first time the large Mexican American community along with the help of the Filipino, Asian, Pan Pacific and the large segment of registered Democrats and moderate Republicans will have the opportunity to elect a Mexican American for Mayor.

Chula Vista is the second largest City, behind San Diego, in the County. In that position it has become a major player in the political arena. The persons elected Mayor and City Council will have a major role in determining the political landscape of the County of San Diego. With a strong influence from the political leadership, it may well become the political power center for San Diego's 750,000 Mexican American citizens and the bulk of the minority groups throughout the County. The opportunity will be here to have a strong say in the policies of the region and impact on the economic, social, and political future of the region.

La Prensa San Diego's Editorial Board has already endorsed the candidacy of Mary Salas for Mayor. It was our considered opinion that Mary Salas would be the only candidate that had the ability and capabilities to lead the City of Chula Vista and provide the leadership to bring "Nuestra Gente' into active political participation in the American political system. Mary Salas has demonstrated her ability to work with all factions of the political spectrum and be a consensus builder. But it won't happen if the voters stay home! It is vital that you vote on Tuesday March 5. Without you, it won't happen.




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