March 1, 2002

La Prensa San Diego Editor Appointed to State Committee

Daniel H. Muñoz Jr. has been selected by the California Newspaper Publishers Association to represent them for a two year term on the Employment Development Department (EDD), Tax Branch, Small Business Employer Advisory Committee (SBEAC) effective February 5, 2002.

SBEAC was established in 1993. It provides small business employers with a forum to provide input on issues and initiatives related to the employment tax program, identify ways for EDD tax program to better serve the small business employer community, and propose employer education and outreach programs. In addition, he will have opportunities to provide EDD with a new perspective on issues that affect the newspaper industry. Mr. Muñoz will disseminate information to the membership of the California Newspaper Publishers Association as well as bring their concerns to the attention of the committee members of SBEAC.

Mr. Daniel H. Muñoz is the first Mexican American to be appointed to this position since its inception. Other committee members are appointed from Trade Associations, chambers of commerce and other business organizations.

La Prensa San Diego is one of two Mexican American newspapers, the other: La Opinion, that are members of the California Newspaper Publishers Association. CNPA has over 631 newspapers in its membership in the State.

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