March 1, 2002



Tuesday, March 5, 2002


State Offices

Governor: Gray Davis

Lt. Governor: Cruz Bustamente

Secretary of State: Michela Aliota

Controller: Steve Westly

Treasurer: Philip Angelides

Attorney General: Bill Lockyer

Insurance Commissioner: John Garamendi

Board of Equalization: Mary Christian Heising

Pictured, Michela Aliota

Member State Senate

36th Senate: Charlene Zettel

Member State Assembly

77th District: Sarah Lowery

78th District: Tim Cohelan

State Superintendent Of Public Instruction: Lynne C. Leach

San Diego County

District Attorney: Mike Aguirre

Sheriff: Bill Kolender

Treasurer/Tax Collector: Dan McAllister

County Board of Education

District 5: Susan L. Hartley

District 3: Ernest J. Droneburg Jr.

San Diego Community College District

Board of Trustees, Dist. A: Maria Nieto Senour

Board of Trustees, Dist. C: Steven B. Schulman

Board of Trustees, Dist E: Peter Zschiesche

City of San Diego City Council

District 6: Donna Frye

District 4: Marissa Aceirto

District 8: No Recommendation

District 2: No Recommendation

San Diego Unified School District

District B: Jeff Lee

District C: John de Beck

Judge of the Superior Court

Office No. 17: Alvin Mark Gomez

Office No. 29: Olivia J. Gilliam

Office No. 30: David W. Tiffany

Office No. 49: Gary Bloch

City of Chula Vista

Mayor: Mary Salas

City Council

Seat No. 1: Virgil Piña

Seat No. 2: John McCann

National City

Prop H: Vote YES

City asking for a $6 million Bond issue to build a library.

Lincoln Acres Community

Prop R: Vote Yes

Will place the fire and emergency services under the control of the County.

County, City of San Diego Propositions


PROP A: Vote Yes

Prop A wants to change the Treasurer/Tax Collector job from an Elective to an Appointive position. Sounds good. With all the hanky-panky going on with the current incumbent, and heavens knows what is happening with all the retirement funds, it's time we make this job a professional job rather than an elective job where any one can get elected, even without a High School diploma!


PROP B: Vote No

Prop B would grant subpoena powers to the Ethics Committee. This even before they have held a single meeting??? Let them have a few cases under their belts before we give them such police powers.

PROP C: Vote Yes

The City wants to vest their personnel (eligibility to receive retirements) from 10 years to five. No problem if that's what they want sounds ok.

PROP D: Vote Yes

Should other public agencies other than the City Employees participate in the City Employee's Retirement fund? Sounds good. Cuts down on overhead and puts more money in the kitty.

PROP E: Vote Yes

Will require 2/3rds majority vote on any proposal that would increase your taxes to pay for any harebrain scheme the city fathers try to lay on the taxpayers, like Charger ticket schemes or giving half the city to the PADRE ownership. Go for it!

PROP F: Vote No

In a nut shall, try's to prevent PROP E from taking place. You ought to see the line up of Sports types trying to get you to pass Prop F. Cut them off at the pass.You want PUBLIC MONEY? Convince 2/3rds of the voters that it's in our benefit and not just yours!

Recommendations on State Propositions

La Prensa San Diego recommends the following votes on the State Measures on your Ballots.

Prop 40: Vote No

The $4.3 BILLION Bond measure to improve air quality, preserve open space & farmland, to ensure clean drinking water but probably has more to keep the environmentalist on the payroll

Prop 41: Vote No

The $200 million bond act, wanted by the state in order to take control away from the county the authority to determine what kind of voting machines they can buy and to establish a new level of bureaucracy to control the process. Instead of leaving your Board of Supervisors and Registrar of Voters do what is best for the County of San Diego; the State wants to interfere in the voting process.

Prop 42: Vote Yes

A move to take control of gasoline taxes at the pump, from the State, which is squandering them for social service programs and instead of using them for what they were intended for: To pay for highways, bridges, public transport, road repair, improvements, and maintenance of our over burden highways and byways.

Prop 43: Vote Yes

An Amendment that wants to assure your vote counts. Don't want any Florida counts in our elections!

Prop 44: Vote Yes

An Amendment to keep the Chiropractors honest & eliminate unprofessional conduct. That sounds good to us.

Prop 45: Vote No

The "lets keep our legislators honest" Proposal. Those scaly wags in Sacramento are trying to destroy "term limits" by coming in through he back door. Send them a message "Get a real job" and let some fresh blood into the political system!


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