Volume XXIV Number 12~ March 24, 2000

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Sweetwater District's Class of 2006 Has Admissions Pact with SDSU

Sporting Future SDSU Aztec T-shirts, a dozen incoming seventh graders—representing Sweetwater District's Class of 2006—stepped forward to witness an agreement that will guarantee every member of their class admission to San Diego State University.

Students representing the South Bay Union, National and Chula Vista school districts wear their “Future Aztecs” t-shirts, symbolizing their participation in the “Compact for Success” program. Adults in back row, L-R: SDSU President Stephen Weber, Sweetwater Trustee Jim Cartmill, Sweetwater Superintendent Ed Brand, Metabolife CEO Michael Ellis, Sweetwater Trustees Greg Sandoval, Bob Griego and Arlie Ricasa.

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Starving For Dignity
By Eduardo Stanley
FRESNO — Cesar Chavez's ghost runs through California's Central Valley. The hunger strike, one of the tools used by the late farm worker leader, is being used by 14 workers at the Spanish-language Univision station in Fresno to protest the company's lack of "good faith" in negotiating a labor contract.

This Hispanic Community Takes Action to Improve Mental Health Services
One hundred concerned Hispanic community leaders and key partners recently convene a "Congress" to craft an agenda for action and an implementation plan to improve mental health services for the Hispanic community.

Politico Profile
New Women's Bureau Chief Picked Public Service Over Forward Passes

By Julie Amparano
The realizations came to her during childhood.

President Clinton Names Julio F. Mercado as Deputy Administrator of
the Drug Enforcement Agency
WASHINGTON — The President today (March 22, 2000) announced his intent to nominate Julio F. Mercado as Deputy Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Noticias de México...
Perdonan a federales uso de autos robados
Mientras la PGR se niega dar una versión oficial, la Policía Fiscal Federal, la Aduana de Mexicali y la Procuraduría de Justicia del Estado, no actuarán contra agentes de la PJF a pesar de las evidencias de que tripulan vehículos robados y con placas extranjeras.


U.S. Latino and Latina WWII Conference to Involve General Public, as Well
as Established Scholars

Two San Diego scholars are scheduled to deliver papers in May at a Texas conference entitled U.S. Latinos and Latinas and World War II: Changes Seen, Changes Wrought.

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"No Money Down" Course Helps People buy a Home Without Mortgaging
Their Future

For many potential home-buyers in San Diego, finding quality, affordable housing in the currently inflated real estate market is a frustrating and demoralizing process. Many feel `priced-out' as home costs continue to climb with no apparent end in sight. However, there are alternatives that allow people to purchase affordable homes with little or no money down and a manageable monthly mortgage.

Andres Verjan Names General Manager of Oster & Associates
Andres Verjan, Media Director of Oster & Associates advertising agency has been promoted to General Manager it has been announced by president Beverly Oster.

Doña Aurora Rosas Vda. de Arnaiz to be Recognized as Tijuana's
Philanthropist of the Year
Doña Aurora Rosas Vda. de Arnaiz will be honored as Tijuana's Philanthropist of the Year during a luncheon later this month for her remarkable support of charitable causes over many years.

Hands-on Lesson Brings Third Graders to Sea Breeze Homes
Otay Mesa — A class of third graders from Finney Elementary School in Chula Vista got a hands-on lesson about homebuilding when they visited a new home neighborhood within walking distance from their school. Their visit to Pardee Homes' Sea Breeze community gave the children the opportunity to learn how a new house is built, as well as tour the finished product.

Heineken y la Asociación Nacional de Periodistas Hispanos Buscan Estudiantes
de Periodismo
Heineken USA se ha asociado con la National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) en la búsqueda de estudiantes de periodismo para que se desempeñen como reporteros en el aire durante la próxima entrega de premios a la música latina de Billboard que tendrá lugar en South Beach, Miami.

Do Something and Rolling Stone Magazine Seek America's Best Young
Community Leaders to Apply for $100,000 Do Something BRICK Award

New York, NY — The national youth leadership organization Do Something and Rolling Stone Magazine are launching a nationwide search for young community leaders to apply for the Do Something BRICK Award for Community Leadership and the opportunity to win a $100,000 grant.

`Do Something' y la Revista Rolling Stone Buscan a los Mejores
Líderes Comunitarios
Nueva York, NY — La organización nacional de liderazgo juvenil `Do Something' y la revista Rolling Stone están lanzando una búsqueda nacional para jóvenes que sean líderes comunitarios para que soliciten el Premio `Do Something BRICK de Liderazgo Comunitario' y la oportunidad de ganar una subvención de $100,000 dólares.

Mexican Minimum Wage Increased
The Mexican government increased the minimum wage base by 10%.

Community Notes:
Cesar E. Chavez Celebration
April 1, 2000 10A.M.- 5P.M.
at Cesar E. Chavez Elementary

Encienda Una Vela
Padre Thomas J. McSweeney, Director of The Christophers
La Oración: en lo Simple, lo Verdadero

Un año, no recuerdo exactamente cuándo, los sermones de Cuaresma en la Catedral de San Patricio, en Nueva York, fueron dados por un conocido jesuíta que habló sobre la oración. Muchos admiraron su oratoria, pero el elogio que quedó en su memoria fue el de un viejo sacerdote que le ponderó la cantidad y duración de los sermones.


Is the Business Model The Most Appropriate For Our Public Schools?

Is the Chamber of Commerce and the Business/Political leadership right in their assumptions that our public schools can best be run utilizing, the business model for running factories, businesses, or corporations? Is the "Bottom Line" relevant to gaining an education?

The Latino Vote Promises to be Important in November

By Jerome A. DeHerrera
Readers of this newspaper have all read or heard that the Latino vote is going to be critical in this year's presidential election. But what does that mean?

the station with mellow and sweet sounds visited La Prensa offices and serenaded the staff! Estuvo a todo dar! Las Chamaconas went canicas with the DJ-Locutor Luis Barton! Ni modo! Us, pobres Chicanos can't compete with sweet songs, T-Shirts, pan dulce y besitos para las chamacas!

El Foro Público... ....The Public Forum
Against Brown Field Expansion
As a homeowner in Chula Vista, I encourage the citizens of Chula Vista to contact Mayor Shirley Horton, and the members of the City Council, to voice your opposition to the expansion of the Brown Field Airport.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

San Diego Premiere of "Price of Glory"
Thursday Premiere is Free; First-come first-served
Media Arts Center San Diego is hosting a special screening of New Line Cinema's upcoming release, Price of Glory. This much anticipated new film featuring Jimmy Smits in his first starring role in a feature film following his departure from N.Y.P.D. Blue will take place this Thursday, March 23rd at 7:30 p.m. at CinemaStar Luxury Theaters

Poet's Corner
You hate me for being what I am;

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
"The Merry Widow"
The San Diego Comic Opera opens its 21st Season March 24 with Franz Lehár's beloved The Merry Widow, the role of Hanna Glavari, the charming widow of the title, will be played by Susan Hanson, a very talented soprano who is no stranger to major performance leading roles.

hip, happening, & Healthy
Pair peanuts and prunes for healthy snacks your family will love.

Davenport, Corretja Wins Tennis Master Series IndianWells Titles
By J. Fred Sidhu

Indian Wells, Ca. - Lindsay Davenport of the United States and Spaniard Alex Corretja enjoyed their visit to this tennis mecca as they both won the Tennis Masters Series Indian Wells singles titles last week at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden.

The Flash Begin Preseason Schedule
The San Diego Flash will playing the second of their first two preseason matches on March 25, 11:00 a.m. versus the U.S. Men's U-20 National Team at the Arco Training Center in Chula Vista.

Dramaticos Partidos En Las Zonas Clasificatorias Del Caribe
Del total de países aspirando a la Copa Mundial 2002 se han eliminado 11 países, al
terminar la primera ronda clasificatoria en la zona del Caribe el fin de semana pasado. Granada se convirtió en el primer país eliminado del torneo la noche del Sábado - y en forma dramática.

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