June 30, 2000

Fusion to Provide Portal Services to LULAC's 673 Community Councils and 115,000 Members

Fusion, LULAC to Develop Branded Internet Presence within Latinfusion.com

New York — Marketing Services Group, Inc., an Internet and integrated marketing services industry leader announced that Fusion Networks, a minority-owned business of MSGi, and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) announced that Fusion Networks will provide exclusive and customized Internet portal hosting, technology and services to the organiza-tion's 673 community councils and their 115,000-plus members throughout the United States thorough its Internet portal network of www.latinfusion.com, www.fusionlatina.com and www.fusaolatina.com. The agreement includes the share development of customized community council portals, each utilizing Fusion Network's technology in combination with localized content designed to serve the needs of LULAC's nationwide community councils.

Hosted within www.latinfusion.com, www.fusionlatina.com and www.fusaolatina.com, the LULAC community council icon will open up a world of interactive and technologically advanced multi-media enabled information for LULAC members throughout the United States in a localized and grass roots, community oriented format. Each of LULAC's 673 community councils will have the opportunity to design their own customized portal within the community council area and include content particular to its localized issues of interest. Each council will also have the opportunity to utilize information from LULAC's national organization and leadership.

"We are extremely excited to begin our integration of advanced, narrow bandwidth Internet technology with a grass roots and community oriented organization such as LULAC," said Hernando Bahamon, Chief Executive Officer of Fusion Networks. "Our multimedia, icon-driven interactive technology has proven its value within the LatinFusion.com portal network, and sharing it with LULAC's 115,000 members will strengthen LULAC's ability to effectively represent the interests of Hispanics throughout the United States. We look forward to working with LULAC's community councils as they utilize the many options that Fusion Networks' technological applications provide."

"Partnering with Fusion Networks opens up a great world of technical opportunities for LULAC that were unavailable to us on a community level," said Brent Wilkes, LULAC's Executive Director.

"LULAC is dedicated to supporting local-level programs that enrich and empower our many Hispanic members. Through the creation of a LULAC-specific portal within LatinFusion.com, our community councils and their membership will have the ability to create their own, customized-design Internet presence to better serve the needs of their local members. This will also enable the national office to share information with community councils in a more localized and area-specific format. We are pleased the Spanish, English and Portuguese-speaking visitors to LatinFusion.com will have the opportunity to search through LULAC's community council portals and learn about the many advantages that LULAC has to offer all Hispanics."

Designed to serve the needs of each community council on a local level, Fusion Networks' portal technology and applications will enable each council to establish its own Internet identity in an advanced interactive and multimedia format. Information from LULAC's national headquarters will be integrated with community council content and link each community to the national headquarters. As LULAC's councils establish their portals within the Fusion Networks portal of www.latinfusion.com, each member will increasingly benefit from the one-to-one information intelligence incorporated throughout the www.latinfusion.com portal and receive targeted content, multimedia and news of personal interest. For more information, please contact Matt Rosenberg of Fusion Networks at (305) 477-6701, or by e-mail at Matt@fusionnetworks.net. LULAC's Executive Director, Mr. Brent Wilkes, can be contacted at (202) 833-6130 or by e-mail at bwilkes@lulac.org.

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