June 30, 2000



The California Statewide MEChA will stage a Protest at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles on August 14-17, 2000, Calif-Aztlan by participating in efforts of mass protests in conjunction with other student and community organizations.


The National Chicano Moratorium Committee are planning to hold a demonstration against the Democratic National Convention. For info call 213-963-0835.


The "Save Our Centro Coalition" is holding a protest against the leadership at the Centro Cultural de La Raza, Balboa Park today June 30th at 5:30PM. The resignation of the present board and staff is being demanded and open community elections be held to replace them. For info call 858-623-3283 or 619-544-536.


The NIFB has endorsed Darrell Issa for Congress in the 48th District. Ron Packered is retiring opening the seat. Mr Issa is the CEO and founder of Directed Electronics in Vista, Ca. The National Federation of Independent Businessmen (NFIB), believes Mr. Issa will be a strong representative in Congress for the small bussiness of the country.


The Libertarian Party, will be nominating its Presidential candidate at its national convention at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim, Ca. On the weekend of 30th June-July 3. Up to 1,400 delegates are expected to attend. Candidates include: Don Gorman, New Hampshire; Barry Hess, Arizona; and David Hollist, Calif.


The Democratic National Committee has named Henry Cisneros, CEO UNIVISION and Governor Pedro Rosselo of Puerto Rico, to the Democratic Platform Committee.


The City Council and Mayor of San Diego voted to give the PADRES organization $10,000,000 to continue the construction of the proposed new Ball Park stadium. The majority of the elected officials, including the Mayor will be termed out of office by this December and one member of the council is facing possible removal from office for conflict of interest regarding the PADRE stadium deal.


City of San Diego Councilman Juan Vargas (D) and Christian Kehoe (D), who said and did nothing to stop the raid on the public purse, now appear to be fiscally irresponsible. Their abilities to function in the interests of the public interest as opposed to their personal agendas is now in question.

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