June 29, 2001

Venezuela on the Beach in San Diego

On Sunday, July 8, 2001 the House of Venezuela will host their eighth annual Venezuelan Independence Day celebration and picnic at Tidelands Park in the island of Coronado, overlooking downtown San Diego. The event will begin at 11:00 am and end at 6:00 pm. It will feature dance music and live musical groups from Venezuela and South America, typical Venezuelan food, beverages and activities and games for kids and adults alike.

As in the case of the United States from Britain 225 years ago on July 4, Venezuela became independent from Spain 190 years ago on July 5. Simón Bolívar, the young creole and future liberator of five South American countries, enabled the new and free nation of Venezuela to follow the republican path conceived by the liberal thoughts of the times. It was not easy - as the country was devastated by the process - nevertheless, the Venezuelan nation stood proud of its contribution to the birth of freedom in South America - freedom which extended from the Caribbean shores to the mountains high in the Andes range thanks to the courage and sacrifices of common people.

It is a very special occasion, and Venezuelans and Boliva-rians throughout the Americas join efforts and remember a common past - a past that is a part of the collective Latin American experience.

In the spirit of that experience, there will be music at this event from Venezuela and other South American countries on the program throughout the day. Among the acts planned: a sensational troupe of "Joropo" dancers from Venezuela called "Danzas Ori-noco". Throughout the day there will be master of ceremonies and entertainment provided by DJ Jose Medel, a popular DJ that promotes local Latin dance parties throughout Southern California - selections played will include dance music and rhythms from throughout Venezuela, South America and the Caribbean such as gaitas, merengue, vallenatos, montunos, salsa, son, guarachas, plenas, cumbias, soca and reggae.

In the same way that music becomes international, Venezuelan food which was originally from the Indians of the region has received the influence over the centuries from Spaniards, French, Portuguese and Italians, to improve, transform and enrich itself to become the mouth watering variety that it is today.

To celebrate, there will be a multitude of items on sale for your palate available at this event. Of course, no event of this magnitude would be complete without Venezuela's main dish - el pabellón: sumptuous shredded beef, white rice, black beans, ripe fried plantains and arepa (corn meal type bread).

There will be a multitude of activities for kids and adults alike, including raffles, games, domino tables, clowns and balloon artists.

Join the Venezuelan community for its Independence Day Celebrations in the island of Coronado, across the bridge from San Diego. Take Interstate 5 to Coronado Bridge - upon crossing the toll booths make an immediate right on Glorietta Boulevard and another right on Mullinix Drive. For more information about this event visit www.casadevenzuela.com.

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