June 29, 2001


Euro-Anglo America Celebrates Independence Day

El Cuete de Julio, or 4th of July, will be celebrated this coming Wednesday. It is El Día de Independencia. Pos gente, that's el día when 228 million White Americans celebrate the glorious day they kicked the Brits out of the colonies.

Kind of strange, isn't it? That 30 million Mexican Americans, Latinos and Hispanics are still, in this day and age (en este día y época), totally dismissed from public celebrations throughout the nation.

It would seem that Euro-American xenophobia would have diminished now that the truth of the role of the Spaniards, Mexicans, Mestizos and Latinos in the War for Independence has been documented by Mexican-American, Spanish and Latino writers. The archives of Spain amply record the role of the Spanish Admirals, Officers and crews in their Galleons, with their mixed Spanish, Mestizo and Caribbean crews from Spain and the Spanish Colonies in the Americas. They fired the first salvos against the British fleets who were attacking colonists on the Eastern Seaboard. Spanish cannons and arms, coupled with silver and gold from Mexico, financed the war against King George.

Have we not learned that America is not a nation-state in the mold of China, Japan, Germany, France and Poland? America is a transnational, multicultural nation that is different in kind. That fact is recognized in the breech, but ignored when Euro-White nationalist supporters exclude significant numbers of varying ethnic groups in their national celebrations.

Celebrations such as the 4th of July should be used to bring us together. America is not a nation-state, but a multinational federation. To ignore the role of the Spanish, Mexican and Latino Mestizo from a celebration of nation-building is to delay America's gradual transformation into a nation-state that shares a common nationality, a common civilization, a common language and a common culture.

We have shed our blood and sacrificed our lives to gain this shared common nationality. It's a shame that the common thread that binds Euro-America to contemporary America is a severe case of nativism which threatens the hope and the dream that we will some day be a nation-state.

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