June 28 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

¡Q-Vo mi gente! ¡Lo siento! But El Soccer FUTBOOOOOLLL has kept me up todas las noches. No time for nada, pero nada! Pos, you know that once you have “El Nopal” engraved in your corazon you have to pray for Mexico to win! My next choice (porque next to el Nopal is engraved a “Yankee Doodle Dandy”) was Team USA. After they beat Mexico, prayed Team USA would go A L L T H E W A Y!!! Pero, ni modo. Bueno, now going to put the tele on este Domingo a media-noche, open up a bottle of good ole vintage Thunderbird-Vino, and join 10 zillion Japoneses de Yokohama and cheer for TEAM BRAZIL to beat Germany!

El Presidente Bush doesn’t beat-around-the-bush, does he? Orale cuate, stop trying to act like a PRI’ista! You can’t be such a pendejo, can you? What are these pendejadas (Means ‘silly things’, to my Gringo friends) you keep yakking about por el radio y telly? Stop demanding the removal of Yasser Arafat as leader of Palestine! If you’re not careful, you might get Allah and Jesus Christ joining forces to kick your Texas butt out of the Holy Lands!!

PREGUNTA: Este Indio would like to know what “Mariposas ”are advising el Presidente. Whoever they are... cuidado, Tezozomoc thinks they may be on MOTA!

Nuestro ‘cuatacho’ Jorge Villalobos, el Director del periodico “Metropolitan News de San Jose” died. Le falló su corazón. Se murió esperando una donación de algún corazón que fuese compatible. Su débil corazón no aguantó y falleció. Lo sentimos mucho.

(En Inglés). A friend of the people, George Villalobos, publisher of the “Metropolitan News of San Jose,” died while awaiting a heart for a much-needed organ transplant. Our heartfelt condolences to the family.

MITOTE of the week: Entire Right-wing community in uproar over Liberal 9th District Court vote that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional because in 1954 Congress included the phrase “One nation under God.” The Pledge of Allegiance is used in conjunction with paying respects to the United States flag. (Note our Constitution requires a separation of church and state.)

PREGUNTA: Do we want the problems that all those nation states are having with the religious types running the government? Religion is a zero-sum game. You either follow their brand of religion or your head is cut off… No compromise, no nothing. Did I not hear all house Right Wing kooks calling all those Middle-Eastern countries “evil” because the Mullahs run the government??

Chistes para all those who want to lighten up:

A girl phoned me the other day and said, “Come on over; Nobody’s home.”

I went over and nobody was home!

“I could tell my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio.”

“I was such an ugly baby… my mother never breast fed me. She told me that she only liked me as a friend.”

And… “One year they wanted to make me a poster boy—for birth control!”

(Courtesy of Rodney Dangerfield)

En La Politica: Ducheny (Wanna-be Senator) put out her first campaign propaganda piece. Authored and paid for by Ducheny. She asks: Why can’t we have affordable housing?

PREGUNTA: ¿Por qué, why, didn’t you do something about it during your long years as an assemblyperson? Our gente still live in ghettos & ancient, run-down homes… So as not to be ungrateful, thanks for all the help you gave to the rich developers. They did build $300,000 -$600,000 dollar homes in Otay Mesa without a peep from you! Funny thing, I don’t see too many Raza living there.

Bueno, gente… Hasta la próxima.


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