June 28 2002

Carlsbad High School Student Awarded Scholarship

San Diego County Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) awarded a senior Carlsbad High School student, Karanne Tucker, a $500 CALA Scholarship at the third annual Scholarship Luncheon held at the Mission Valley Hilton Hotel on Friday, June 7th. Congressman Darrell Issa authorized a Congressional Certificate of Recognition to be presented to Karanne Tucker in honor of her second place winning essay on “Does Lawsuit Abuse Undermine Principles of Individual Responsibility?.” In addition, Ms. Tucker received certificates of Special Recognition from State Senator Jim Battin, Bill Morrow, and Assemblyman Mark Wyland.

Tucker’s essay was selected as one of four winners in CALA’s third annual High School Essay/Scholarship Contest. All entries were judged on the following criteria: 1) The definition of lawsuit abuse 2) The relationship between frivolous lawsuits and personal responsibility, and 3) The effect lawsuits have on our economy.

Tucker stated in her essay that: “I believe every case of lawsuit abuse can be traced back to someone not taking responsibility for their own actions. One way to fight back is to raise the public’s awareness of the high costs we all end up paying when the system is abused. People need to know the higher costs they are paying in taxes, insurance premiums, consumer items and health care costs because a few irresponsible people ‘got rich quick’ because of their own misdeeds and the help of lawyers looking for publicity-friendly cases.”

“We had such a great response for this contest, and so many well thought out essays that selecting winners was a tough job for our judges,” said “Andy” Kotner, President of CALA. “Karanne’s parents, school and community should be proud of her accomplishment.”

“We hope that by participating in this essay contest, students are now more aware of the importance of individual responsibility and the fact that discouraging this principle encourages lawsuit abuse,” Kotner added.

Other scholarship winners were: Robin Patch of Point Loma High School, Fatima Rahman or Rancho Bernardo High School, and Brittany Zemlick of Grossmont High School.

CALA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots public education organization dedicated to serving as a watchdog over the legal system and those who would seek to abuse it for undeserved gain. More than 8,000 San Diego residents are CALA supporters.

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