June 24, 2005


It’s one election after another, when does it all end?

You probably didn’t notice it but Tuesday the 21st, the first day of summer, was the longest day of year. Why is that significant? Well because right now we are in the midst of the longest campaign season known to man, but unlike the first day of summer we can’t help but notice it!

What seems like an eternity now, it wasn’t so long ago that we elected Gray Davis to a second term as Governor of California and before he could hold his first fundraiser (he was known as a prolific fundraiser during his time), he was the subject of a recall and the state to another election.

Following that drama and the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the city of San Diego had its normal election cycle and before you could say pension fund scandal the recently elected mayor, Dick Murphy, called it quits and naturally we now find ourselves having to go through yet another election binge.

Now we add on to this the Governor’s call for a special election in November, followed by the Primaries in June 2006 and it just keeps on going and going, seemingly forever. And, if the corruption cases that our elected leaders are presently facing are half true, be prepared for yet another election.

And we wonder why voters become disillusioned with the process and stay home on election night!

It seems to us that at one time there was a survey ranking the order of respect you attribute to certain careers and if we remember right politicians were ranked just ahead of used car salesmen, in today’s world, this has become an insult to used cars salesmen.

With all kidding aside, and we only touched on just a few of scandals associated with politics with our limited space, the state of present day politics precludes decent, upright, hard working, intelligent, honest people from ever considering the idea of running for public office.

When a person decides to seek public office this exposes their personal and professional life and it requires them to ask complete strangers for money, something most people find rather hard to do. Now with the cloud of scandal and disrespect that has become associated with being a politician, our best and brightest are staying away and who can blame them.

It is unfortunate that Governor Schwarzenegger has called for a special election, the polls have shown that this is not being met with much enthusiasm and that voters are taking a ho hum attitude toward this election which does not bode well for the Governor. The Governor, who came in as a unifier, has quickly become a divider and has polarized the state’s voters.

It is too bad the Governor couldn’t have found the courage to shelve this special election and concentrate on the unifying aspect that sweep him into office, which could have gone a long way toward restoring the dignity in being a politician.

Qué lástima!

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