June 23, 2000

Notas Politicas.....

The U.S. Senate confirmed the appointment of Jay A. Garcia-Gregory to the position of U.S. District Judge for Puerto Rico. Mr. Garcia-Gregory is a partner at the firm of Fiddler Gonzalez & Rodriquez. He has been with the firm since 1974. Mr. Edison Misle-Aldoroindo, Speaker of the House of Puerto Rico congratulated the Senate for their leadership and confirmation of minority judicial candidates.


Judith K. Walters, candidate for the 75th Assembly District will be feted at the Sahara Restaurant, 2990 Jamacha Blvd., Saturday, 6p.m., July 1, 2000. Guest speakers, speaking in behalf of the Democratic candidate, include Sedilia Sanders, John Herrera, Jorge Baraza, and Craig Barkacs. A donation of $55.00 per person will provide all who attend a taste of Middle Eastern Cuisine, speakers, and a candidate who is willing to try and unseat the incumbent Charlene Gonzalez Zettel. Walters claims to be an intellect with quality ideas, a superior work ethic, and values reflecting `true' American ideals. For tickets call (619) 670-1225.


"TERM LIMITS" supporters will launch an advertising campaign aimed at defeating SCA 20 the bill that would gut California's term limits law. SCA 20 has been labeled the "Career Politicians Protection Act"! Under the SCA 20 bill politicians could stay in office up to 24 years. 69 percent of California's voters overwhelmingly support the existing Term Limits law!


Evonne S. Schulze (66) Trustee for the San Diego Community College District has been appointed as a member of the California Post Secondary Education Commission by Governor Gray Davis.


San Diego Superior Court Judge Larry Stirling has been chosen by the Mexican Foundation for Democracy to serve as an official International Observer for the upcoming Presidential elections this July 2, 2000. He will be assigned to visit and observe at least 10 voting booths in Mexico. The booths will be designated the day before the elections. Stirling is on unpaid leave from the Bench while he runs for the State Senate.


Joining President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore at this year's L.U.L.A.C. National Convention, taking place in Washington D.C. June 25-29, will be Senator John McCain who has been invited to speak on the 29th during the Unity Luncheon.


Information on the July 2nd Mexican Presidential Elections can be viewed on the following Websites: <http://www.sre.gob.mx> , Secretary of Foreign Relations, <http://www.ife.org.mx/inicio.htm>, Federal Electoral Institute, <http://www.telmex.com.mx/>, <http://www.infosel.com/> ,<http://www.tvazteca.com.mx/>, <www.televisa.com.mx>, www.oncetv.ipn.mx/>, <Reforma.infosel.com>, www.elfinanciero.com.mx>. The information is provided by the consulate General of Mexico in San Diego, F. Javier Diaz.

According to the Zogby polls, PRI Presidential candidate Labastida has moved into a deadbeat with PAN candidate Fox. Meanwhile the Mexican media controlled by the PRI has imposed a blackout on news stories on Candidate FOX.


Susan Davis (D) candidate for the 49th District seat wheeled in the big guns to San Diego (President Bill Clinton) on Thursday evening to help garner financial support in her race against Brian Bilbray (R). The President, who has no special love for Bilbray who voted to impeach him, enjoyed this particular campaign stop.


President Rick Dolvalina of the National League Of United Latin American Citizens is scurrying for cover after being called to account for having political candidates at their National Convention this June 25-July 1. The LULAC Florida Executive Committee, in a blatant move, violated the Constitution and By-Laws of LULAC by issuing an endorsement of George Bush just prior to the National Convention. The Florida LULAC membership is primarily Cubans who seem to have not only a singular disregard for the laws of this country but apparently also of the rules and laws that govern U.S. Non-profit organizations.

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