June 23, 2000

First $3.2 Million in Construction Contracts for Market Creek Plaza Awarded to Community Contractors

The first $2.6 million in construction contracts for building San Diego's innovative Market Creek Plaza project were recently awarded to five local minority or woman-owned contracting firms. Cats Excavating was awarded a $953,000 contract for site grading of the 20-acre parcel. IE Pacific was awarded a $644,000 contract to install sewer and storm drains, while the site electrical work will be performed by Bendix Electric for $606,000. Inspection work on the project is being performed by Quality Engineering, in the amount of $50,000. Pereira Plumbing and Fire Sprinkler was recently awarded a contract of $588,000 to install the site water and fire supply.

The goal of Market Creek Plaza is to provide an economic infrastructure that will create jobs and generate equity opportunities for community residents. Setting a new standard for commercial and community development, the development strategy promotes community inclusion in the planning, construction and operation of the effort and provides an opportunity for community-based ownership and long-term wealth creation for the local area. Located at the intersection of Market Street and Euclid Avenue, Market Creek Plaza has been planned in partnership with local residents, businesses and organizations. The project developer is the Jacobs Center for NonProfit Innovation, a non-profit foundation focused upon under-invested neighborhoods.

The commercial development will be brought to completion through a multi-layered construction collaborative of local, minority-owned entities. Each level of the collaborative mainstream projects," said Robert Brandy, president and CEO of WORC. "As some of our graduates work on the Market Creek Plaza site, other graduates are involved in projects throughout the community until their particular skills are required for Market Creek."

Additional contracting opportunities are now available for all building trades on Buildings 4 & 5. For more information, contact MCCG, LBIA or WORC to review documents.

During the construction phase, Market Creek Plaza is expected to generate 360 jobs with a payroll of $7.9 million while meeting a goal of 65 percent inclusion of minority and women-owned contractors on the job. When complete, the development is expected to generate hundreds of jobs and sales revenue in excess of $25 million.

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