June 23, 2000

President Clinton Boosts Election Chances of Susan Davies!

By: Dan Muñoz Sr.

President Bill Clinton flew into San Diego, on Airforce One, and immediately gave AssemblyWoman Susan A. Davies (D) a giant boost in her efforts of retiring Brian Bilbray, current member of the House of Representatives from the 49th District.

The more than 1,000 rabid boasters all paid with eagerness the $150.00 dollars to see the President and hear him speak at the "NEW" EL Cortez Center. Later, a smaller group of the well heeled contributed heavily to the Susan Davies Campaign at a function at the "old" Mr. A's restaurant.

Susan Davies with a strong record of public service at the State level is eager to represent a district that has been an anomaly with Brian Bilbray, a staunch rabid extreme Right-winger, representing a district that is heavily Democratic, Catholic, Mexican American, Latino, working class American district.

Representative Bilbray managed to serve his party (Republican) at the expense of his constituents. Mostly noted for voting against their interests, Bilbray maddenly supported the extremists views of the Gingrich-Lott types in Washington. Bilbray cut his political ties to reality when he supported the impeachment of President Bill Clinton who was and is supported by the majority of the voters in the State of California and particularly of his district.

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