June 20, 2003

Public to Weigh in on Chula Vista’s Future at Town Hall Meeting

It’s your future... so get involved!

Help shape Chula Vista’s future at a special Town Hall meeting Saturday, June 21, as the City describes its General Plan Update, and invites the public to comment on options for future growth and development. The meeting will be held at the Bonita Vista High School Gym, 751 Otay Lakes Road, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Chula Vista’s General Plan looks ahead 20 years into the future and identifies how land will be used, where roads and public facilities will be located, and how natural resources will be protected.

Updating a general plan in a city as large and dynamic as Chula Vistas is a process that takes years. In the months ahead, more local workshops will be held, followed by another Town Hall meeting in September. Public hearings will be scheduled before the Planning Commission and City Council in Spring 2004.

The Town Hall meeting June 21 will begin with an orientation about the General Plan Update. Participants will have an opportunity to share their ideas on future land use and transportation options in different parts of the city. A primary purpose of the Town Hall meeting is to identify areas where new plans and projects have been proposed or are expected, and help define what options should be studied further in the planning process.

Public participation is essential to the planning process and the City urges residents to get involved. Based upon the results of initial public outreach efforts and findings from a variety of studies involving economic development, transit, the environment, and other topics, the City has reached a critical stage in the General Plan Update process. Important choices must be made about what areas and options will be the focus of additional work. The Town Hall will consider questions such as:

 Should the Downtown Third Avenue district become more of a regional attraction with additional shopping, cultural arts opportunities and housing?

 What should the area along Main Street in southwestern Chula Vista be like?

 Should changes be made in plans for development of the remainder of Otay Ranch in eastern Chula Vista?

While the General Plan covers the entire city and a larger planning area surrounding the community, and it addresses a wide range of topics from land use to transportation to parks and recreation and open space, no significant changes to existing plans are likely to be proposed for many areas of the City.

More information about the General Plan Update is available on the city’s web site at www.chula vistaca.gov or by calling (619) 409-5486.

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