June 20, 2003

“Chicano Leadership has abandoned ship! They have lost focus, their spine, they don’t even know who in hell they are” so says Old-timer Jose Gutierrez. “Today’s Hispanics leaders pretend to be anything but Mexican.” ¿Quién es Jose, you ask? Pues he is the former founder of La Raza Unida. Of course those with long memories remember Jose becoming a lawyer. Then he kind of disappeared into the mesquite countryside’s de Texas. Orale Jose, if you find any Chicanos around let me know!

My, my señor Fernando Oaxaca, if you keep badmouthing your íntimos amigos like Darrell Issa you just might not be allowed to belly up to the next Right Wing Rally. You know Mexicans aren’t allowed to address their betters in that way. We all know that Darrell Issa is a Right Wing Arab Congressman from Vista. Chispas, those Right Wing Amigos of yours might just kick you out of the servant’s quarters where they usually keep you.

Pobrecitos the poor people of National City. When they all voted for Luis Natividad to be their City Councilman they thought they had un gran amigo in office... Boy, with an INZUNSA as Mayor and Luisito greasing the wheels La Vida Loca was going to really get mejor! Well looks like the Mexican Mafia has managed to raise the cost of collecting the City garbage! Christ all mighty, how come los pobrecitos de National City now have to pay more money to dump their trash than it costs to buy it in the first place?? Could it be because of the outrageous pay raises they voted themselves!! Ay, the Mayor is the only one that works full time! The rest work part time! Bottom line is that 2/3rds of its residents are living in poverty! You knew the pay before you took the job. Gracias señor Natividad, Mayor Inzunza, Ron Morrison, Frank Parra.

A week ago today Councilman Charles Lewis’ aide, Luis Natividad went before the Grand Jury. It was interesting to note that Luis went in with his LAWYER. The question is why does an innocent man need a lawyer at an inquiry??? He is not under investigation!! Or could it be that he is one of the few that has worked full time in city hall during the 2 year investigation, and that he is muy, muy amigo con los Inzunzas.

Otra pregunta - Who is paying for the all these lawyers that are going into the grand jury inquiry with these aides??

Falling under the category of ‘somehow this isn’t surprising!’ With less than a week to go to present a final budget to the County Office of Education, the Sidro School Board doesn’t have a clue as what to do about trimming $1.4 million from the budget. School Board is blaming everybody else but failing to look in the mirror. Apparently this short fall caught the board by surprise!! When is the County going to take over this district and right this ship???

Apparently adding grass areas on beaches of Corona del Mar is opposed by City Councilman Dick Nichols because he doesn’t want ‘Mexicans’ using those areas all day. “With grass we usually get Mexicans coming in there early in the morning and they claim it as theirs and it becomes their personal, private grounds all day,” Nichols said in a phone interview. I guess we are only good enough to clean their homes and mow their grass!

The U.S. Census Bureau released their latest report on the changing face of America. These numbers show a 9.8 percent growth in the Hispanic community, raising the total population from 35.5 million in April 2000 to 38.8 million in June 2003. Man that is a lot of Hispanics, looks like Councilman Nichols is going to have to get used us Mexicans.

What TV station has NO Hispanic or Latino anchors in their news dept. - none among their regular weekday or weekend news anchors, none among their fill-in news anchors - none among their traffic reporters, their sports anchors, their weather anchors? – according to a watchdog it is KFMB. Guess these TV guys haven’t seen the latest US Census!!!

Chao for now.

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