June 18 2004

Aquí estamos devuelta, en la misma. Seems like the good old days with La Migra rounding up nuestra gente from la linea to Riverside, San Bardo, back to Chicano Park the roundup is off and running again. If you are Brown, look out, you got-to- be an alambrista!


Algo is wrong, La Migra in the good old days could be counted not to round up ‘los illegales’ Ni modo, the fix was in. In the summer crop days, La Migra turned their backs on the hordes crossing to work en Los valles de San Joaquin, Imperial y Kings county... etc. The Growers ruled... They needed the workers. Chale, Los políticos that controlled La Migra would all of a sudden decide that whatever AGRI-BUSINESS wanted they would get.... Come winter...it was adios Raza, we don’t need you anymore and the raids would began. This year it’s different. Could the election cycle have something to do with it? Ya saben, los Democrats like farm workers! Los Republicanos hate la Raza... President Fox is trying to give the vote to Mexicans working in the U.S. Fox is on the outs with el President Bush.... Bush and his friends would rather the PANistas don’t win again! They work better with the PRI’istas!


With all respect to former President Regan “YA BASTA” with all the propaganda. We can respect the office of President of the U.S. but we can’t remain silent while all the false propaganda is being put out on his term in office. Fact of the matter is that former President Reagan, and his extreme Right Wingers that carried out his policies, were Latin America’s worst enemies. We can never forget the slaughter of Nicaraguan citizens, the terrible destruction of the Sandinista government and the Reagan support of the Contras –from Cuba and the establishment and support of the drug dealers during that time. Checkout the Congressional hearings in which Senator Kerry (yes the one running against President Bush exposed all the millions that Pres. Reagan, squandered to support the drug trade into Latin America and the U.S. just because he didn’t like the liberal government of that time in Nicaragua!

PREGUNTA: Are all Republicans Right Wing Kooks? No...No more than to think all Democrats love us!


De Aquí y Allá: Norma Hernandez who temporarily took the Presidents Chair at Southwestern College when the Board tangled with the then President Zasueta has finally gotten appointed as the President. It wasn’t easy. The Head Hunters had submitted their top selections for appointment. Somehow Norma didn’t make the list. Apparently they didn’t think she was qualified for the job. But no worry when Brain trust that passes for the Board at Southwestern College didn’t see their Union friend get appointed they demanded a “politically correct nomination” that had Norma at the head of the class!


El Editor of La Prensa San Diego will be meeting with Mr. Prachaya Chimivses of Thailand. Chimivses is the Editor of Satjatham (Truthfulness) News. On tap how to talk and cover ethnic audiences. Hijole, this makes 13 foreign journalists that have met with the Editors of La Prensa San Diego since January! Now if we only communicate with Gloria Penner (KPBS) and let her know about La Prensa San Diego!


San Ysidro School Board up to its cajones manipulating contracts. Seems Yolanda Hernandez (Board member) LOBBIED AND PUSHED TO GIVE A $3,900 contract to 5-Star Bus Company to transport middle school students to Knotts Berry Far. Only problema Yolandita is an owner of 5-Star! She kind of forgot to mention this little conflict of interest!

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