June 17, 2005

A Warrior’s Shout

By Heriberto Escamilla

We are born into a world of relationships
From the moment of conception,
When that primordial spark embarks on the path,
Our mother begins to nourish
And while we do not yet feel him,
Our father is already guiding our growth.

Nine months later the sunlight illuminates their faces,
And over the years,
Those of our brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles and friends
In time, we meet the other people of the circle,
Through whose faces and words we come to know
Our place in the Sun

It’s simple
We come to know ourselves,
Through the words of the people that have come before us,
Our ancestor’s words shape in inner voice in us that becomes a lifelong companion,
One that awakens us with plans of the Day
And lulls us to sleep with an inventory of accomplishments and failures

Our friend helps us perceive and understand,
To judge and decide,
To direct our will,
Reflect on it for a little while and you will see that it’s true,
But in looking for happiness, we often trip on this truth.

I sometimes lament that it takes some of us,
A lifetime to see our connection to the world around us

But the Great Spirit, brothers and sisters,
Does not hear our lamentations
This world has no place for regrets.

Then one day,
We see there are spaces between the words that fill our mind,
We are more than the stories men tell
At first, the silence frightens us.
With no companion, no words to interpret and judge, we’re lost,
Alone, completely alone for the very first time,
In the darkness, time slowly, quietly, and insidiously ticks away.
The cold, damp blanket of mortality slowly descends and suffocates.

But we remember, brothers and sisters
The Giver of Life doesn’t acknowledge our fear,
And our Mother hurts deeply when turn away
This world has no place for doubt.

So we listen carefully to the silence,
From somewhere in the deepest part of the darkness,
The quiet within,
We hear a calling, a sound with neither beginning nor end.

Our ancestors, the men of knowledge,
Said it was the voice of our brothers and sisters
The owls and the wolves that fly through the night,
The Fire that burns in our heart;
The bliss of the birds that welcome the Sun,
Mother Earth’s lullaby that soothes us to sleep,
The murmur of Water as it quenches and cleans
Or the wind as it whispers its secrets to those that stand fast.

It’s the Creator that calls us
To take up the task,
Bring Light into Darkness,
An impeccable path

To all my relations,
That have nourished and sheltered
That irresolute spark
To all the faces that have shown me the way
Your Promise you’ve kept, and the Commitment begins

The Call, we must answer
Thundering with courage,
The words of a heart beating strongly, yet fully exposed
To the Great Spirit, the Creator and Giver of Life
A shout let us send
Your task and mine, they are one in the same
Until the end of my days, as a warrior I stand

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